Skin Care Sanitary, 6 Tips on How to Keep it Clean AF

by Hailei Kim on May 08, 2020

I am lying if I say that I like to keep my skincare regimen simple and concise. In fact, I have different types of skincare products each for all different purposes and love trying out new skincare products. And I’m pretty sure that you also spend a considerable amount of money on your own skin care regimen. But you are pouring money down the drain when you spend millions of dollars on expensive skincare products and overlook the importance of skin care hygiene. If you have not really thought about how to keep your skin care sanitary and hygienic, you could have been rubbing your face with germs from skincare products that have already gone bad! (Yes, I am being a little dramatic here.) But there is never too much to keep your skincare clean. After all, sanitary and hygiene is the basis of
  1. Skin Care Sanitary, 6 Tips on How to Keep it Clean!

  2. 1) Hands, wash it at all times

Properly washing your hands and tools before using the skincare product is the first and foremost step of your skincare sanitary. Just putting your hands under running water won’t do the trick. If you are in a rush, hand sanitizer also works but since it can only get rid of 60% of the germs, try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. Dr. Daniela Kroshinsky, director of pediatric dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital says that you should wash your hand for “About the time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, making sure to cover palms, backs of hands, fingers, in between fingers, wrists, and fingernails." But some people do complain that their skin feels dry and stretchy after having washed it thoroughly as told by experts. Some soaps may indeed cause that effect on your skin. Try washing your hands with moisturizing soap. It is time that you pay close attention to the soap that you use, especially now when you know that washing your hands is an inevitable part of your daily skincare regimen. Find the moisturizing hand soap at Wishtrend

2) Don't dip your fingers, dip your spatula

Never use your hands to dip out the skincare products. Skin care products that come in a jar usually come with a spatula. Make sure to always use a spatula and never directly scoop the product using your fingers even if you think your hands are clean and properly washed. Bacteria from your fingers could rub off and grow in the jar (the skincare products, packed with nutrition and ingredients, could become a perfect incubator for bacteria once they are transmitted). If your skincare product did not come with a spatula or you lost it, my tip is to grab a plastic spoon that you use for eating ice cream or yogurt and make that your new spatula. Don’t forget to store your skincare products, especially the ones that have a wide-mouth opening, in a sun-safe location. Keeping it under the sun could make the products go bad easily and play a significant role in the germs that could have secretly made its way in spreading within your skincare products.Find a calming cream in a jar at Wishtrend

3) Cotton pads can be effective and clean

Using cotton pads is also another way that you could avoid using your hands. Go for cotton pads for application and hydration. Toners that are usually runny and watery in texture is more effective when you use cotton pads. Using cotton pads will allow you to get rid of residue and dust that you might have missed during cleansing and give you the hydrating effect that you cannot get by simply using your hands. Find 2 in 1 cotton pads at Wishtrend

4) No to picking, yes to patching

You should know by now that you must always refrain from using your fingers or hands if you want to keep your skincare clean. So it is pretty obvious that you stay away from touching your face with your hands and never pick your skin with your fingers. You are playing a risky game that will never come in your favor if you anger your pimple and pop it using your hands. You should try to avoid accidentally touching your irritated skin by using a pimple patchFind the pimple patch at Wishtrend

5) Get maximum skincare effect with minimum use of hands

It's hard to think about skincare without hands. Whether it is patting the essence onto the skin or applying sheet masks and cream, it all incorporates the use of hands. The more skincare products we add in a routine to enjoy maximized skincare effects, the more we have to be using hands in the routine. Yes, as long as you wash your hands thoroughly, you can keep skin care sanitary and germ-free. However, if you are down for a hand-free skincare routine, consider getting help from more advanced skincare tools that you can enjoy without giving your hands too much of a burden. A great example would be LED light face masks! All you have to do after your most basic skincare is to wear them and relax for 15-20 minutes and let the lights do the trick! Find the best selling LED Therapy Mask at Wishtrend

6) Don't let the hair get in your way

Not letting your hair get in the way of your skincare routine can also be thought along the same lines as not touching your skin with your fingers and hands. Your hair carries tiny dust and debris that could stick to your skin and clog your pores. Not only the grease and dirt from your hair could anger your skin, causing minor irritation and pimples, but it could also prevent a thorough cleanse. Using hairbands when you wash your face and apply skin care products sounds simple but is definitely effective.

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