Time to Get Physical with New Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield

by Wendy Kim on May 10, 2020

This will probably be one of the most exciting news for Klairs in the year 2020! Nothing gets us more excited than new arrival news, but if that new arrival falls under the category ‘sunscreen’, the excitement is pushed up to another level! 

A little walk through sunscreen memory lane…

The Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence got us really excited last year when it was first launched thanks to its hydrating property and moisturizer-like texture that leaves skin not just protected but feeling comfortable. And a great one for everyone who prefers chemical sunscreen for sun protection. However, did you know that before there was Soft Airy UV Essence, there was the Mid day Blue Sun Lotion? If you’ve been following Klairs, the Blue Sun Lotion would be no stranger. It fell into the Midnight Blue line in Klairs making it not just a sunscreen, but a calming one. It stirred the market since it contained one of the most effective calming agents, ‘guaiazulene’. It was well suited to 1) protect skin from the UV rays, 2) calm irritated & heated skin, and 3) tone up the skin and work as a make up base. As a brand that really takes feedback into action, went through two discontinuations to enhance its formulation and texture.

“Fresh, calming, light, meet your everyday Mid day Blue UV Shield”

Klairs is finally back with the newest updated version and it is called the Mid day Blue UV Shield! Get excited because compared to the previous versions, it has now become even 1) fresher, 2) smoother to apply on the skin, 3) more hydrating on the skin with a semi-matte finish, and 4) still remains to give a significant calming effect for irritated skin under the strong UV rays. Klairs-Mid-day-Blue-UV-Essence-Insert-Image-1 Klairs Mid Day Blue UV Shield

A brief introduction to the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield

✓ physical sunscreen✓ SPF 50+PA++++✓ main ingredient: Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide✓ guaiazulene for calming on the skin✓ hydrating &  lightweight formula on the skin ✓ natural tone up effect ✓ semi-matte textureWith the list above, you would have a good understanding of what to expect with the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield. If your skin works better with a physical sunscreen and if you are leaned to oily skin type, the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield will feel easy on your skin. Additionally, if where you live is humid and summer all-year long, the Blue UV Shield will feel comfortable on the skin under the sun. Klairs-Mid-Day-Blue-UV-Shield-Insert-Image-2 The texture of the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield

So to put it simple, 

✓if your skin works better with physical sunscreen✓if you have oily skin✓if you live at a place where it is humid ✓if you spend long hours under the sun ✓if you have dull skin and looking for a natural tone up✓if you prefer not to put heavy makeup on▶︎ Learn tips on the best way to use a sunscreenKlairs-Mid-Day-Blue-UV-Shield-Insert-Image-3 Click onto the video above for detailed information on the Blue UV Shield

Wishtrend Staffs Review

Think I found my summer go-to sunscreen

Summer can get really humid and hot here in Korea, and to find the perfect sunscreen that will stay on fresh for hours under the strong UV rays has always been a struggle. But with the second upgraded version of the Klairs Mid Day Blue UV Shield, I think I have found the solution to stay safe and fresh under the sun! I love how it feels light and even cooling on the skin and with the semi matte finish, it stays on without moving around. – Wendy K**

Something that I needed for humid summer

I always lean to sunscreen products that are fresh and light on the skin since I don't enjoy the greasiness of certain sunscreen products out there. I enjoyed the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence however, at times when it gets really humid or at times when my skin turns oily, I needed something more light and fresh. When I had the chance to test out the Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield, it really resolved the struggles I had with other sunscreen. And with the calming property thanks to Guaiazulene, I feel even safer under the strong rays! – Gina M****
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