Wishtrend Reward Guide | How to Collect and Redeem Points

by Wendy Kim on Aug 19, 2021


How does Wishtrend point system work ?
  1. How much are you familiar with Wishtrend's Point system? You will automatically gain 500 Points when you first sign up to Wishtrend! Learn all the different ways you can redeem points to get your favorite skincare products from Wishtrend. Plus, the points you've earned lasts up to 2 years!

01. How to earn points

Here are 4 simple ways to earn your points and you'll be surprised to see how it's simple & easy!



100 Points = $1 (ex. If you want to use points to for $10, you need 1,000 points) Up to 20% of the order amount may be used with points Your redeemed points are valid up to 2 years, so make sure to use them when you can 
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02. Referral Program, More Details

The referral program on Wishtrend is what you would never want to miss out on!

You can share your promotional code with friends and acquaintances.

It's a program to invite your friends with your referral code and receive points. So, how is it done?

  1. And guess what, the best part is that you can invite up to 20 friends

03. What are some current offers

Apart from points system and referral program on Wishtrend,

there are so much more you can enjoy at Wishtrend! Find out some of the current offers

so that you can enjoy your experience at Wishtrend to the fullest.


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Read Wishtrend Affiliate Program, All You Need to Know for more information!


Now that you have made it this far, it is time for you to enjoy redeeming points & shop at Wishtrend! If you have any questions regarding points contact us at

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