Winter Skincare Series: Dry Skin Winter Skincare Tips

by Wendy Kim on Dec 15, 2019

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The second episode of Winter Skincare Series, after the oily skin edition! This time it will be for dry skin! What would be the best way to create a skin care routine for dry winter season? And what are some tips to prevent natural moisture and natural oils from escaping the skin? Learn how to with this read today. 

For dry skin, it’s important to remember these following rules: 1) strengthen moisture barrier, 2) lock in moisture on every step of skincare and 3) protect your skin from winter radicals (and never underestimate the strength of winter sun). 

Get your honey’s worth: the golden solution for dry skin. 

If creating an entire skincare routine from the scratch is tough, remembering one specific ingredient that will keep dry skin safe in winter is a way to survive the harsh weather! So to make your life easier, here’s one golden ingredient - HONEY. When skin feel dry from within and on the outer layer, try adding this ingredient in your routine. 


A. Add an antioxidant hydrating mask and protect the skin.


Winter is harsh on the skin not only because of the skin-drying winds and dramatic change in temperatures but also because we easily forget to protect the skin from UV rays. Thus, it is quintessential to protect the skin and strengthen the barrier with rich antioxidants with effective skincare products. One of the easiest way to do so is adding a rich and nourishing wash-off mask to give the nourishment and hydration care the skin needs. Leaving a good amount of layer of honey over the entire face for a good 10 minute will help the antioxidant ingredients to penetrate to the deeper layer of the skin.


  • Wash-off mask tip in winter: After 10-15 minutes, make sure to wash off with lukewarm water. Rather than rubbing it off from the skin, wash it off with gentle rolling motions or with soft cloth without harshly rubbing or stimulating the skin.

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B. Strengthen moisture barrier with non-sticky honey barrier.


If you have dry skin, you would always be struggling with the question, 'should I go for a sheet mask or focus on a good serum?'. The best option will be according to how your skin feels and what your skin prefers. Adding a hydrating sheet mask can definitely add a good layer of hydration on the skin during dry seasons. However, when you leave the sheet mask on the skin longer than the recommended use of time (up to the point when sheet mask dries out) this can reversely dry out the surface of the skin even more. So to reduce any risk of losing moisture barrier, choosing a serum would be a safer and a guaranteed way to hydrate the skin. The purpose of a serum is to deliver activating ingredients to target the skin concern you have. And since we are talking about 'dry skin' today, make sure to pick up a serum packed with hydrating ingredients and a great antioxidant to strengthen weakened barrier. Rather than focusing on slathering a thick layer of serum, focus on the ingredient when it comes to a serum. Ingredients such as honey and propolis will help with hydration and anti-inflammation care and ingredients such as centella asiatica will help calm sensitive and irritated skin. 

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C. Lock in moisture with the Honey Glow Cream.


Remember this rule in winter if you have dry skin. No matter how much products you apply on the skin or no matter how many layers of moisturizer you layer on the skin, if you don't secure and lock in the moisture, your skin will still feel dry. So make sure, to work steps by steps thoroughly with patience. The amount of products won't be an answer as long as you have a good cream to wrap up your skincare. Picking up a cream with ingredients that will strengthen skin barrier and moisture level is important but also consider the texture. Heavy cream doesn't equate to effectively hydrating cream. Pick a cream that has good water and oil balance and that will leave skin feeling comfortable. Regardless of the season, skin works sound when left at ease and at comfort.

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