What is Wishtrend 2019 Website Revamp? Get Excited for the New Look!

by Wendy Kim on Sep 19, 2019

Wishtrend is here with a whole new look! September 2019, Wishtrend unveiled a brand new look to the world and everyone is excited about the "new do who dis"! It's been in the making for months and with trials and tests, we've finally completed the make-over and now it's time for you to enjoy every nooks and corners of it! To help you navigate through the new version of Wishtrend, we'll walk you through what you can expect from now on and what the major changes and upgrades have been made to enhance your experience on Wishtrend! 

"Where your journey to positive beauty takes-off"

We've redesigned the design and the way of navigation of Wishtrend and added extra functions on Wishtrend based on the motto of Wishtrend! "Where you journey to positive beauty takes-off". We wish your experience with Wishtrend helps and encourages you to start your journey to positive beauty in the most pleasant and rewarding way. Wishtrend 2019 Revamp stemmed out from 3 core values in mind.  [caption id="attachment_24292" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Click the play button to check out the Wishtrend Revamp 2019 video![/caption]
  •  1. Informative

Wishtrend has always strived to be transparent and informative when it comes to products & contents. But we decided to maximize our long time work in the making so that you can leave Wishtrend with an insight or new ideas and thoughts everytime to make a visit! 

A. Better Editorial Page (Glam)

Did you know that we have more than hundreds of article on our Editorial? Wishtrend's editorial the 'Glam' has been in the making since the end of 2017 and it has been sharing some of the best skincare & beauty tips covering topics from acne, whiteheads to how to choose and create the optimal skincare regimen for your skin concerns or skin types! Now the editorial page has a whole new look that wil help you get to information that you need in a easier way! You can now even leave comments below each article, so if you have any questions about the topic or if you have any feedbacks or ideas you wish to share, don't be afraid to leave them in the comment section! Use the search tool to search for skincare topics you wish to learn more about and find articles hat will help you get answers for the questions! 

B. New Wishtrend TV Page

WISHTREND TV has made it way into the website! Wishtrend TV with 1.2 million subscribers (2019.09) has been in the forefront of sharing 'positive beauty' and creating hundreads of skincare, beauty, health, body, fitness etc related videos. You can literally find answers to most of your skincare questions on this channel and though it has reached more than 1.2 million subscribers so far, we wanted to make sure ALL of our Wishtrend customers (Wishtrenders) get the chance to have full access to the contents. Yuo can find the Wishtrend TV page right next to the Editorial page and you'll be able to have a good idea of what different series has to offer and a chance to learn about the hosts of Wishtrend TV even more! 

2. Trustworthy

One of the motivation that excels Wishtrend is the aspiration to become a place where our customers and users can trust with our products and services. And along with producing trustworthy product and contents, we wish to enhance the expereicne of our customers to get the latest news and availability of products. And we have listened carefully to the feedback from the customers and decided to add a service that will make your experience here on Wishtrend easier and more pleasant!

A. Be the First to Know What's Back in Stock

It is quite disappointing to find out when the products that you've been looking forward to make a purchase is out of stock. It's not the worst thing that can happen but it still isn't the most welcoming news. Let us shed a light to the disappointment & make your life easier! Wishtrend will be alerting the customers whenever the product is back in stocik! So rather than incrementing your stress level by checking in everytime to figure out if the product is back in stock, let us send you a 'back in stock' notification via email so that you can be the first one to make the purchase. 

3. Friendly

When we ask our customers, 'what's the word that can describe Wishtrend?', we hear the word 'friendly' a lot. Wishtrend wishes to strengthen this trait and give back the love to the customers! We've added 2 brand NEW traits that will elevate and upgrade your shopping experience at Wishtrend! 

A. Get Your Rewards Point

Shopping is always more fun when it is rewarding. Well, guess what! Wishtrend is going to make your shopping experience at Wishtrend exciting! Start redeeming and accumulating points with 4 different actions! You'll get points when you sign up, make a purchace, leave a review, or invite a friend. Enjoy redeemed points whenever you make future purchases! We really wanted to improve the shopping experience of our customers and also have fun along the way! 

B. Choose Your Samples

We know the struggle of purchasing a full sized product before you have an idea of the product and how your skin will react to it. So before you make the finall call to try out a new product in full size, we wish to offer you an opportunity to use them in samples! Brands curated on Wishtrend, carry sample sachets of a variety of products, so whenever you make a purchase, you can now choose which samples you wish to recieve and try at home! It'll be an easy process to choose them, so make sure you try some of the best selling products and let your skin have an idea what they are getting themselves into! 

#WishtrendRevamp2019 (09.17.19 - 10.06.19)

[caption id="attachment_24391" align="aligncenter" width="799"] Click on the image above for detailed information[/caption]What's the fun without celebrating a major WISHTREND REVAMP! To celebrate the brand new look of Wishtrend, the team of Wishtrend created the REVAMP BENEFITS that everyone can enjoy! It will only last until the 6th of October, make sure you don't miss out on thie chance to enjoy Free Shipping / Free Gifts / $5 OFF / and 2X your reward points! 

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