The Best Spot Treatment for Sensitive Skin

by Gina Myung on Jun 25, 2018

We’re back with our June edition of ‘Monthly Pick’, our monthly series during which we feature one amazing product to give you the inside scoop on what makes it so great.Some of the most stressful things about acne isn’t about the acne itself. It’s the pain that comes with the inflammation, the redness, soreness and the aftermath of pigmentation of scarring that stays behind. When we feel a painful bump coming on, it’s frustrating feeling like there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from coming on in the form of a full fledged pimple, and when we try out products in the market, many times they can be too harsh on the skin, worsening our acne and the condition of our skin. When it comes to spot treatment, it’s important that the products we use not only tackle acne, but also focus on nourishing the skin so that it can help prevent it, and other skin concerns, as well. If you’ve been looking for the best spot treatment for sensitive skin and an acne-prone complexion, June’s Monthly Pick is just for you! It’s a Wishtrend favorite for its multi-functional formula that soothes, calms, and hydrates the skin for healthy skin, while also treating acne without being to harsh on the skin.

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The Best Spot Treatment for Sensitive Skin

Did you get a sense of what this month’s ‘Monthly Pick’ is? June’s pick is the [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream! Not only will be be giving you an in-depth look at the texture and ingredients, we’ll also be going into the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of this cream!

1. Texture

Lying in the middle of the spectrum of being a gel and a cream, the Teca 1% Barrier Cream, teca cream for short, adheres well onto the skin and applies smoothly for comfortable wear. It’s lightweight formula absorbs quickly without leaving any residue or stickiness, while hydrating deep into the skin. Because it’s light in oil, it doesn’t feel thick on the skin or clog the pores, making it the best spot treatment for sensitive skin. Because it’s still deeply moisturizing, you can use it on dry patches, and other problem areas for effective all-around skincare.

2. Ingredients

The teca cream is powered by two main ingredients: centella asiatica, and allantoin. Widely known and loved for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, centella asiatica helps regenerate damaged skin, while also preventing acne scars from forming and also lightening pigmentation. This key component also enhances collagen synthesis for improved skin elasticity, and strengthens the skin’s barrier to fight off irritants. On the other hand, Allantoin works to improve dry skin, and is often called a wonder ingredient that can soften rough skin.

3. How to Use

Using the teca cream is simple. Because of its mild ingredient list, you can feel free to use as much as you need whenever you need it. However, it is best incorporated in your morning and/ or night skincare routine, to calm irritated, sensitive skin after a long day, and prevent scarring and pigmentation throughout the day. Simply cleanse and perform your regular skincare regimen as you would, and finish with a light (or thick) layer of the teca cream to ensure your skin’s safety and health. Like we mentioned above, because of its light texture, it won’t crease or cause your makeup and/ or sunscreen to push and pill.The Best Spot Treatment for Sensitive Skin Article Insert 2

4. Smart Tips

The Teca Cream has risen as the best spot treatment for sensitive skin, but it’s also one of the best creams in terms of versatility. Here are three ways to make the most of your teca cream! best-spot-treatment-for-sensitive-skin-insert-image3

1) Make a soothing spot treatment cream

Mix the teca cream with a soothing cream in a 1:5 ratio to create a soothing spot treatment cream that can be used generously all over the face. The soothing properties of the cream mixed with the acne-fighting properties of the teca cream make for a great all over treatment cream.

2) Use it in place of a pimple patch

If you don’t have pimple patches at home, no worries! Take a dollop of the teca cream and apply it to a spot you want to prevent further inflammation, or even on top of a freshly extracted pimple, and go to sleep. The cream will form a protective barrier on the skin so that the skin underneath can heal properly.

3) Use with a calming sheet mask

The great thing about sheet masks is that they prepare the skin to better absorb products you apply afterwards by softening the skin, hydrating it, and making it healthier overall. Try applying a thin layer of the teca cream after using a calming sheet mask to give your skin a double layer of hydrating protection.

5. Real Reviews

While we can keep talking about why we think the [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream is so great, here are some real reviews from real people who agree that it’s the best spot treatment for sensitive skin!The Best Spot Treatment for Sensitive Skin Article Insert 4HELPS WITH ACNE AND SCARING! This product is so much more than just a simple spot treatment! Not only has it helped my acne tremendously, but it has also prevented any leftover scaring, helped the scars I already had and calms down my skin almost instantly. And it just gets better and better with each use! I love it!

-Olga P************

MY HG I have been using this cream as a spot treatment for over two weeks now, and I must say, this cream has helped to soothe my troubled skin tremendously. I’ve also used it after I pop a pimple and the next day, I’m surprised at how the surface of my skin is almost flat or even has flatten. Though it does not really reduces the redness of my pimple/ acne, but it has certainly soothes them overnight. I used this cream every morning after my moisturiser/ before using my sunscreen and the last step in my skincare routine at night. I highly recommend this cream and I’ve introduced it to a few of my family and friends already!

-Rowena K**

BEST SPOT TREATMENT CREAM I've been using the Teca 1% Barrier Cream as a spot treatment for almost two weeks now since my skin got really sensitive and irritated due to my hormones fluctuating. I'm very very surprised with it calming my skin and preventing my acne from developing into a full-blown one! This is not only perfect as a post acne treatment but I do like to use it pre-acne to keep my skin calm and moisturized. The best!

-Patricia M****


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