#TeamOily? How to Treat Oily Skin & Oily T-Zone Like a Pro

by Wendy Kim on Mar 10, 2021

Wishtrend is up for a very special treat to help your different skin concerns! It won't be too long until you will get to finally find out what it is! But before we do, we wanted dive deeper into the tips, tutorials and product recommendations that will work wonders for your specific skin worries!   Today we will talk about #TeamOily. So, come along if you struggle with excessive oil level on the skin, oily t-zone or even have combination skin with acne. Here are some tips and product recommendations that will help you balance oil and water level on the skin and keep it fresh!   Team Oily Insert Image 1   Meet our Global Commerce Manager Rachel who is here to share her tips to keep oily skin under control! According to Rachel, if you are #TeamOily, it’s important to remember these following rules: 1) consider double cleansing a must, 2) physical exfoliation is not your only option, 3) keep it light even for antioxidant care, 4) hydration is still important, and 5) "less is more"  

Do I have oily skin?

Many times it is hard to know what our specific skin type is. Which is normal since skin conditions tend to change a lot over time. Some tips that might help you pinpoint if your current skin state is on the oilier side are the following:   • Your face is shiny and usually appears greasy later on in the day • Makeup doesn’t stay on and seems to “slide” off • The oilier areas of your face have blackheads, pimples or other types of acne • Pores are visibly enlarged, especially on your nose, chin and forehead • You notice that you leave oil behind on your phone or clothing   

1️⃣. Consider double cleansing a must, but do it right

It is almost weird not to double cleanse for oily skin, especially if you wear makeup, double cleanse is more of a mandatory for skincare. However, there are many occasions when skin still doesn't feel fresh or cleansed fully and this is when you have to quickly go into review the cleansers.   
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"Oil fights oil", is especially right when it comes to cleansing. Especially if you wear makeup or even s sunscreen, go in with a cleansing balm that will roll smoothly to remove makeup, oil and residue off from the skin. Though cleansing balm will only stay on skin for a very short period of time before it is rinsed off with water, never underestimate the cleansers you use, because not all cleansing balms will feel the same on the skin.   
  When it comes to the second cleanser, oily skin can often fall into the trap of trying to find cleansers that will leave a squeaky feel after the cleanse. However, regardless of the skin type, over stimulating and stripping off moisture is never good for the skin. Consider a low ph cleanser that will keep your ph level yet cleanse away the residue from the previous cleansing step.   2️⃣. Physical exfoliation is not your only option Scrub, wash off masks with black sugar, exfoliating cloth and etc - these are no stranger for oily skin. It is easier for oily skin to lean towards having physical exfoliators. Yes, physical exfoliators have a space to remove excessive oil or dead skin cells off the skin. However, physical exfoliators can be harsh on the skin especially if you struggle with oily acne rone skin - it can rather irritate the skin. Consider chemical exfoliators and with the right ingredients, it can do wonders to control sebum and to boost skin turnover.   
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3️⃣. Keep it light for antioxidant care

For oily skin, skin repairing and skin regeneration is especially crucial considering how skin can easily get irritated with exfoliation and double cleansing. There are many different ways and ingredients that will help with skin repairing, however we often think antioxidant 'rich' serums and functional ampules come in thick texture. We even go further and think it is oily. Unfortunately, some even go ahead and give up the opportunity to add antioxidant care that the skin needs just to keep skin feeling fresh. Well, good news! We can still keep it light. 
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It is no longer hard to find serums and even oil products that come in light texture. If you want to minimize the numbers of products you layer on the skin, consider watery drops that contains ingredients like 'peptide' in the very first step of skincare after cleansing. Just a few drops daily won't burden the skin yet help skin repair, regenerate and heal.   

4️⃣. Hydration is still important

When skin gets oily on the surface, it is likely to be a sign that skin is dehyrated on the inner layer of the skin. So as much as you focus on removing excessive sebum on the surface of the skin, always make sure to take time to hydrate the skin. Go for moisturizers with ingredients like ceramide for effective hydration and there are plenty of great moisturizers that will still feel light and easy going on the skin. 
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