Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs!

by Wendy Kim on Oct 13, 2019

Eye cream is probably the most debated skincare product. There’s people who love it, there’s people who’s skeptical about it.Even in Wishcompany, the staffs are divided into two different groups on how they view under eye cream - the half who believes in the effects of eye cream minimizing dark circles and preventing wrinkles and the other half who believes that it is just a concentrated moisturizer with thicker consistency in a smaller jar marketed just for under eye use.

What we really think about under eye care...

Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs insert Image 1However, regardless of the divide in the opinions regarding the eye cream (or any under eye care prodcuts), there are three things we can all agree on: 1) how skin around the eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive and thus needs to be treated most gently, 2) no one is excited waking up with puffy eyes, dark circles and dry patches under eyes in the morning,and 3) eye care products out in the market are highly overpriced. These 3 major thoughts on the eye cream, were enough for staffs at Wishcompany to come together and come up with their very own eye care products! 

Not just 1, but 2 types of under eye care skincare solution!

This is Klairs’s very first addition to the eye skin care category and Klairs is not just offering 1 kind but 2 different types of eye care products! Because the area around the eyes are so sensitive, you can be picky about what you choose to slather around the eyes, so here are two different options! So make your pick based off from your preference in the ingredient, the texutre and your skin concern! 

A Perfect Pump of Caffeine to Awaken Fatigued Eyes

We already know how caffeine wakes us up every morning, well it works somewhat like our cup of coffee for our fatigued under eyes. Under eye cream with caffeine is known to reduce redness, puffiness around the eyes and reduce the appearance of inflammation. With this in mind, the ingredient caffeine made it to the key ingredients for the new Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel and formulated into a cooling gel type that you can not only use it for under eyes but for your entire face! [caption id="attachment_36627" align="alignnone" width="900"]Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs insert Image 2 [Klairs] Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel[/caption] 

A litte more detail...

This gel moisturizer contains caffeine and red bean extract to maintain your eye area clean and fresh. It improves dark circles and skin tone while helping with de-puffing and anti-oxidizing. The gel applies with a cool and hydrating sensation to provide a refreshing finish. The quick absorption enables you to take care of your eye area even in busy mornings.[caption id="attachment_36642" align="alignnone" width="900"]Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs insert Image 3 click onto the video to for detailed information[/caption]

4 Dots of Quad-Peptide for Bouncy Eyes

Peptides being one of the most popular anti-aging skin care ingredient, they are chains of amino acids that are building block of protein in the skin. Thanks to its ability to penetrate effectively into the skin, it has been proved of its anti-aging property. But imagine you get to have 4 of this brilliant ingredients just for your under eye care! [caption id="attachment_36633" align="alignnone" width="900"]Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs insert Image 4 [Klairs] Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter[/caption] 

A litte more detail...

This moisturizer contains sunflower seed oil that’s rich vitamin A and vitamin E to protect the thin skin around your eyes and while also contained peptides(Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Copper Tripeptide-1, Oligopeptide-29, Oligopeptides-32) improve the fine lines. It's suitable for everyone even with milium concern, as the soft butter-like texture helps the product absorbed quickly. It's rich enough without being oily so we also recommend it to oily skin types and people who mind overly rich eye creams.[caption id="attachment_36643" align="alignnone" width="900"]Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs insert Image 5 click onto the video for detailed information[/caption]Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend"Awakening Gel for tired eyes & Eye Butter for dry fine lines..!"I had the chance to use both of them for a period of time and I love how they have different texture and targets different under eye conditions! I reach out for the eye gel when I wake up with puffy and dull eyes and reach out for the eye butter when my under eyes look extra dull & fine line appear more vividly. Love to switch them up according to my needs and I love that it is light yet so nourishing unlike heavy & thick eye creams I have used before! - Liv, Producer at WishtrendTV"Caffeine & Peptide for undereyes, the holy grail ingredients for under eye care!"The texture of these two different eye care products from Klairs are very different but they each have their benefits & strengths! But what I love the most about them is the two very distictive ingredients formulated perfectly to improve dull & tired looking udner eyes! Caffeine in the Eye Gel helps lighten my darkened & dull under eyes and the quad-peptide in the Eye Butter helps boost the elasticity around my eyes! And not to mention the easy application & refreshing texture :D a- Scarlett, Marketing Manager at Wishcompany

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