Not All Acne are the Same! Learn Acne Through Acne Face Mapping

by Lorena Jimenez on Oct 16, 2018

We all agree that breakouts are bad news, but what can be even worse is not knowing why we get them at the first place. Now you already have a list of surprising causes of acne that will help you significantly with preventing acne. BUT, this is just step 1 of fighting acne.Not All Acne are the Same! Learn Acne Through Acne Face Mapping Article Insert 1Yes, there are many potential causes of acne. BUT, did you know that depending on the affected area of your face, you can actually figure out what the reason might be? Acne is not only influenced by hormones and daily habits but also other conditions on your body!

There is a saying, “Your eye are the window to you soul’. Well, when it comes to our skin, “your skin could be the window to your body.”

Crazy, right?

This mind-blowing technique is called ‘face mapping’ and it is very helpful to eliminate acne. I know… I know what some of you might be probably thinking…Why does this matter?

What does face mapping do?

Even though pimples are equally annoying, they are not always a result of the same things. This is where the acne face map comes in handy, so you can easily see the reasons that might be behind your acne flare-ups and also take a careful look at any possible body condition.

What is face mapping?

Face mapping is a technique through which we divide the face into different areas, to help us narrow down the possible causes of our acne. Traditional Chinese medicine as well as recent studies have linked different face areas to different body organs and therefore, different possible causes for that specific acne.acne-face-mapping-insert-image-2Now that we have learned a bit more about face mapping, let's dive into the different areas that can be affected by acne and what that says about its causes.Not All Acne are the Same! Learn Acne Through Acne Face Mapping Article Insert 2

1. Forehead

Forehead acne is one of the trickiest ones since the forehead can be divided into a couple of different areas that will be affected by very different causes. But, the main reasons resulting in forehead acne relate to the digestive system, to be more specific to the large intestines and bladder.

Acne around the top part of the forehead

If acne is close to the hairline it can be directly linked to hair and hair products and some of the biggest reasons for acne in this area can be:• using products that are too greasy• products that do not get along with your skin• products that have not been properly applied or rinsed• waste or dirt build-up, of the own hair when not washed often• bangs, fringe and similar hairstyles• And unsanitized hair accessories among other reasonsAs you can see acne at the highest part of the forehead it is mostly directly linked to hair, but the hair could also affect other areas of the forehead or face depending on your hairstyle and daily habits.

Lower forehead

Acne on the lower forehead is also linked to bad circulation. And if your acne is specifically mostly around the brow area, you might want to check some lifestyle choices, like your stress levels, your hair removal methods and even potentially bad sleeping habits.

Acne in between the brows

Acne in between the brows tends to come from issues correlated to the liver and stomach. So causes that hinder the body's ability to cleanse itself will be the main trigger of this types of acne.• dehydration• diet rich in fats, especially if saturated• excessive consumption of processed foods• excessive consumption of additives and chemicals• alcohol consumption

2. Nose Acne

We all have had at least once that red inflamed pimple on the middle of the nose, making us look like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer for a couple of days. Thankfully this type of acne does not tend to occur that often compared to other types of acne.Not only because of the aesthetic part but also because in traditional Chinese medicine acne on the nose is known to be related to the heart, so know that any lifestyle choices that might be affecting this very important organ, are potential causes of acne on the nose.• improper blood pressure levels excessive stress• poor blood circulation• high salt intake

3. Cheeks

Acne on cheeks is connected to the lungs and the respiratory system, as well as bacteria spread. Both can have many causes but some of the most common things that can cause cheek acne are:• Allergies, especially if strongly affecting the respiratory system]• pollution• smoking• dirty hair framing the face• pillowcases that are not often washed• the bacteria on your phoneAnd excessive face touching are main reasons for pimples on this part of the acne face map.

4. Ears and temples

If you have ever gotten one of those painful ear pimples or have developed acne on any of these areas, know that it can be related to the kidneys. Mainly also due to causes like dehydration, stress or excessive oil production.

5. Chin and mouth

Chin acne or pimples around the mouth are directly linked to the stomach and small intestines. You know what that means… Diet, especially...Avoid,• greasy food consumption• dairy• sugar• gluten• dehydration• And to a certain extent chin acne can even be related to hormones.

6. Sides of the chin

Last but not least we have one of the most commonly affected areas for adult acne, the sides o the chin. Even though this type of acne is also related to the kidneys, we have to add a very important and hard to control factor, the hormones.Hormonal acne can be a big cause for the pimples in this area and as we know hormonal imbalance can come from many different causes, such as:• dairy consumption• menstruation• adolescence• stress that• causes your hormones to act up• pregnancyBasically, if you are going through any hormonal changes or distress, you might be getting big acne flare-ups around this area.

The Full Picture of Acne Face Mapping

Not All Acne are the Same! Learn Acne Through Acne Face Mapping Article Insert 3

Keep in mind that...

As you have seen, even though we can divide the face into different areas through the different causes. There seem to be some general causes that seem to be able to cause acne in more than one part of the face, this is due to the fact that at the end, in the body everything is connected.So one small imbalance can push the next one creating a domino effect on the body, for that even though you can have a better idea of what is causing your acne through face mapping, it is never a wrong choice to make some lifestyle changes that might help not only your skin but your overall health. In the meantime here you have an easy guide for face mapping, so you can easily see your potential acne triggers.

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