Lighter Than Serum But As Good As Serum, the Face Essence for Acne

by Wendy Kim on Mar 15, 2020

How much are you familiar with ‘face essence’? Toners and serums are familiar and now has become the most essential but when it comes to face essence, it might come across not too famliar for many. Face essence is a more familiar skincare category in Asia. Think of it as somewhere between a face toner and a face serum - yet, packed with more active ingredients than facial toners and lighter in texture than face serums. Face essence is mostly sought after among those who prefers fresh skincare and at times when thick serums come across overwhelming from time to time.And, By Wishtrend is here to introduce a face essence that will not only work great on its own but also work great when paired with existing face serums and moisutrizers.

The first step of your serum routine, Propolis Energy Boosting Essence

By Wishtrend Propolis Energy Boosing Essence

By Wishtrend is a ‘solution based skincare brand created to fill the need for targeted care’. That is why the brand focuses on finding the most effective ingredient that will effectively and specifically target certain skin concerns and skincare needs.The brand spotted the growing need of a skincare product that is light and fresh yet can deliver active ingredients effectively as much as face serums.

Effective and efficient that it can even replace your face serums. There are times when skin becomes oily or too sensitive that products with thick consistency can come across uncomfortable and irritating on the skin. When a texture of a skncare product is light, many question the level of hydration it can deliver to the skin. It took quite some time for the brand, however, it is finally ready to introduce the

Propolis Energy Boosting Essence that:

1) comes in fresh and light texture (that doesn't leave oily residue on the skin) 

2) contains effective active ingredients with skin problem solving agents

3) is hydrating enough that it can replace your toners and even serums 

4) can help boost anticipated skincare effects when paired with serums

What is “Energy Boosting”?

Let’s break down the name of this new arrival, the Propolis Energy Boosting Essence. Just like the name, it is a face essence with a blend of 4 different active boosting ingredients, hence the "Energy Boosting". The 4 different active ingredients are...
1) 3-Complex ingredient 26.4%
2) Salix alba bark extract 10%
3) Centaurea cyanus flower water 9%
4) Propolis extract 1%

    (check the chart below for detailed information on each ingredients)

     The ingredient list of the Propolis Energy Boosting Essence

    What is the best way to use it? 
    The best way to use this essence will be to use it 'however and whenever you would like'! Since it comes in a very watery and light texture, it will blend into your skincare routine smoothly and swiftly. 3 Tips on how to use Propolis Energy Boosting Essence:
    1) Replace your facial toner: It is as light and fresh as a toner. When you wish to keep your skincare routine light or when your skin feels too sensitive that you wish to skip your normal cotton pad + toner step, simply apply this essence as the first step after cleansing. 
    2) Do double serum and use it as the first step serum: At days when skin needs the extra care you are looking for whether it is calming, antiinflammatory, antibacterial or brightening care, try a double serum routine - where you can give skin the most nutrients you need. Add the essence before your normal serum routine and enjoy the double serum step without leaving skin greasy or uncomfortable. 
    3) Replace your facial serum: If you have hard time working with thick serums, consider this essence as your serum replacement. Especially if you expect calming and anti-inflammatory in your skicnare routine, several layers of this essence will give that exact care yet leave skin feeling refreshed. For those who find the propolis ampoule too thick and oily, this can be a great replacement. 

    Wishtrend Staffs Review

    Few drops makes a difference! 

    I was always satisfied with facial toners and serums to keep my skin hydrated and enjoy the care my skin needs. When I was first introduced to this face essence, I was first surprised with how watery the texture was and how light and fresh it felt on the skin. Then I was surprised with how this enhanced the hydration level of my skin to the next level when added to my routine. One time when my skin felt extra senstivie, I replaced my propolis ampoule with this essence, and it left my skin feeling at ease yet felt just as good as using the ampoule!♥ – Kim Ga****

    Pair it with serums and expect enhanced skin!

    There are times when it feels like facial serums don't glide on smoothly after the toner step. It felt like something was missing between the toner and the serum step. Then when I had the opportunity to test out the Propolis Energy Boosting Essence, it felt like I have finally found the one to bridge the gap between the toner and the serum! Once I had a layer of this essence applied onto my skin, it felt as if it enhanced the absorption of the following serum and cream steps. Love how fresh yet nourishing it feels on the skin! Scarlett M**


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