4 Reasons Why Propolis Skincare Has Become a THING!

by Hailei Kim on Mar 18, 2020


If you like to stock up on dietary supplements, you may have heard of 'propolis' before and how the propolis extract has healing properties that can strengthen your immune system. When it comes to skincare, propolis also doubles as a skincare ingredient to make your skin healthier, brighter, and younger.  

What is Propolis?

Propolis, also known as bee glue, is a natural substance that comes from resins collected by honey bees as they build their hives. As bee propolis has been renowned for its healing properties, it is not a coincidence that propolis started to take the center stage as a natural beauty ingredient to assist the healing and soothing of sensitive skin. 


1. Fight acne

As mentioned before, it is a proven fact that propolis can increase one’s immunity and much scientific research continues to report the effect of propolis in increasing cellular immune response. Because of its very antibacterial nature, propolis can also be our loyal soldiers to fight off bacterial acne. Using propolis leads to a decrease in the numbers and severity of pimples. Propolis is effective in extinguishing acne for those with sensitive, acne-prone skin. Propolis is a powerful tool to fight off acne not only due to its antibacterial nature but also for its anti inflammatory properties. It eases the redness of the skin and soothes the skin by cooling the temperature of the skin. In other words, propolis does not simply get rid of already existing acne but also prevents further acne.   

2. Control dead skin cells

Another reason for your acne could be unexfoliated dead skin that blocks your pores and prevents the natural balance of your skin. That is why you are prone to get acne even if you have dry skin and do not properly moisturize your skin (It is a commonly misunderstood that only people with oily skin are prone to acne). Although propolis might not actually have the exfoliating effects, propolis ampoule or essence can be a great post exfoliating care product.  

3. Protect from free radicals

Another known features of propolis is its role in free radical fighting. Propolis protects the skin from the damage from the harmful environment that we cannot avoid in our day to day lives such as air pollution, sun exposure, and radiation. Just by going about our day, we expose ourselves to a high risk of skin damage. The free radicals, created from such environmental pollution, damages the skin, ranging from the changing of skin colors (blemish and brown spots on your skin) to weakening of the skin (wrinkles and premature skin). Free radicals damage the skin by grabbing an extra electron from atoms in the skin and antioxidants in propolis protect the skin by donating an electrons to those free radicals. Propolis, abundant in antioxidant, protects the skin from free radicals and keeps your skin looking young and bright.  

4. Skin healing & after acne care

Propolis has gained a lot of attention as a medicine due to its therapeutic and healing nature and its effects on burn management and enhancing the capacity of skin cell growth. The positive effects that propolis have against free radicals have also shown to be effective in burn treatment and wound repair. Along with it collagen barrier created from propolis that helps you find the right water and oil balance, propolis speeds up the healing process by creating a healthy barrier for your skin. If you have blemish, unattractive brown spots, scars from acne, propolis can be helpful for you to start not only the prevention and treatment of the acne itself but the aftermath of your acne.  

5. Fresh vs Nourishing: 2 ways to add 'propolis' into your routine

Propolis is found commonly in face serums and face toners or essence products. Propolis products tend to be rich, nourishing and sometimes even sticky in texture. However, that is what makes it a great product to keep skin hydrated and protect the skin. However, there is always an exception, not all propolis products are thick, sticky or heavy. Try to add propolis into your skincare however your skin likes! 

1) If you want it fresh :

  1. Try a face essence that contains propolis. Usually face essence comes in a lighter texture compared to ampoule and serum type products. Whenever skin feels too oily, too sensitive or when you are looking for a refreshing and light skincare, reach out for a facial essence that can give all the benefits propolis can give to your skin!
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2) If you want it nourishing :

When skin is dry, dehydrated and in need of a protective layer, propolis ampoule will be the way to go. Find a propolis ampoule that can deliver the powerful antioxidant to your skin with just a couple of drops. Take time to let the propolis ampoule penetrate into the skin for hydration and to enjoy the 4 benefits that propolis can give your skin.  


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