K-beauty Trends of 2023

by Claudia Christin on Oct 09, 2023

Korea has been leading the global beauty industry for years. There were days where the korean glass skin or the 10 step Korean skincare is the “it” thing globally.  With that being said, they are the pioneers for beauty trends. 


If we want to know what’s coming up in global beauty trends a few years later, we can foresee it by looking at the current K-beauty trends. Let’s take a look into the future and see some of the newest trends in K-beauty.


Biotechnology in skincare
Skincare ingredients: EGF

1. Biotechnology, microbiome and exosome technology in skincare.


Many beauty giants in Korea recently joined hands with bio firms to create skincare using biotechnology. Using biotechnology, they are creating products to target skin’s concern related to the deeper complex mechanism on how our skin works which include: DNA profiling, gene-editing, exosomes and human stem cells. Sounds fascinating right?


2. Skincare ingredients: EGF 


EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is forecasted to rise back in K-beauty trends in 2023. EGFs that are found naturally in our skin are single polypeptide chains made up of amino acid molecules that tell the human skin cells to regenerate new cells. 


EGF stimulates fibroblast to produce collagen and elastin, which works to plump up, thicken, and tighten skin. As we age, EGF decreases and fibroblast decreases resulting in loose skin and wrinkles. To back it up, using skincare with EGF should help with your well-aging care.


Product recommendation: dear klairs, midnight blue youth activating drop


scalp microbiome
vegan and sustainable beauty

3. Next level of hair care: scalp microbiome


Hair has been gaining attention in the K-beauty trend lately. More Korean people are starting to care for their scalp and hair care. As a result, you can now easily spot more and more new releases of hair care products in their beauty retail stores. Just as what it has been in skincare, hair care is now starting to use microbiology to target hair related concerns.


4. Vegan and sustainable beauty


Vegan beauty focused on making and selling products that are made with no animal ingredients such as honey, beeswax or lanolin. Vegan beauty labels also ensure that no animals were affected during the production and packaging process. 


Meanwhile, sustainable beauty focuses more on ethical manufacturing (using eco-friendly packaging and non toxic ingredients) and packaging that are better for the Earth. One of the newest trend is that many brands are starting to sell their products in refillable sizes or giant sizes to reduce waste.


Nevertheless, many new gen-Z in Korea are now more interested in purchasing vegan and sustainable beauty products.


Personal color analysis
makeup spatula

5. Personal color analysis


Personal color analysis has been trending in Korea back in the 2010s. Its popularity now is back since many artists created contents where they tried to find their personal color through personal color analysts. 


How the color theory affects how our skin looks really triggers a lot of interest from people all around the world. This technique help people find their best shade from lip products, clothing and even hair color that actually complement their skin tone


6. Makeup spatula


Makeup spatula has been stealing the spotlight in K-beauty trends recently. Korean beauty’s popular ‘glass skin’ standard has made people eager to know the secret behind their glass skin look. These makeup tools are recently emerging as the tools to help you achieve a glass skin look with its excellent ability to spread complexion products almost perfectly while minimizing absorption into the conventional sponge / beauty blender.


How to use:

  1. Use a spatula to apply the foundation in small sections.

  2. Spread it thinly like jam on toast 

  3. Use a sponge to blend the foundation evenly

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