How This Rice Mask Improved My Dull Skin

by bb on Jul 10, 2018

  The "I'm From" brand is one of my personal favorites, from the clean design of the packaging to the strong ingredient-driven products, everything about the brand is to my personal taste. However, being a brand that is so strongly ingredient-driven makes it have some risk factors for myself and my sensitive skin. Especially when it comes to natural ingredients. As "I'm From" has been launching some exciting new products, today I will be sharing my personal opinion and experience in this I'm From Rice Mask review.  

1. I'm from Rice Mask


 The product claims for this I'm From Rice Mask are as follows : - Brightening- Exfoliating- Moisturizing- Rejuvenating- Pore Tightening- Skin Firming- Nourishing The I'm From Rice Mask contains 4.1% of Yeoju Rice. Provided in both raw form and as rice water, this ingredient is packed with vitamin B1, B2, minerals, amino acids, lysine and more skin nourishing and anti-aging benefits. These benefits make the I'm From Rice Mask sound completely ideal to boost the skins' firmness, moisture levels and brighten it up thanks to the raw rice texture and ingredients.What it really comes down to, is the formulation of the product such as the ingredients within it and how these ingredients might affect the skin.  

2. Product Texture & Application

  Now for the real part of this I'm From Rice Mask review, the product itself! Upon first opening the product, I immediately noticed the strong fragrance which smelt of a floral, sweet, almost "soap" like smell. For myself, this was an instant turn off to the product as strong heavy fragrances on average cause me dramatic irritation when left on my skin for too long. However, I have noticed the "I'm From" brand has been a fan of heavy fragrances in the past, with products like the Ginseng Line and the Magnolia line.Aside from scent, the color and texture of the product looked extremely appetizing. The mask has a thick whipped butter type texture with chunks of real rice within it. The bits of rice is present in their natural unprocessed form with the shells still attached. I assumed this was to provide an even more intense exfoliating effect.When applied to the skin, the mask has an instant mild cooling effect that feels full of water. The mask melts into the skin as it is massaged over the skin, while the small rice granules and chunks lightly scrub at the surface of the skin. I truly felt very satisfying to apply. After massaging it on the skin, I left the mask on for a total of 5 minutes instead of the recommended 10.  

3. Overall Experience

  I was unable to leave this rice mask on for more than 5 minutes after massaging for exfoliation. Reason being is because I began to experience an itchy/tingling sensation that made me feel I should remove the mask ASAP. For myself, this is a sign of potential irritation which I am assuming was due to the fragrance as heavy fragrances do not work with my skin unless they are natural fragrances. At this point, I am still unsure if this mask will cause me visible irritation as I will not use it beyond 5 minutes.  All in all, my skin DID feel well exfoliated and wonderfully moisturized after use. Yet, my skin did feel sensitive to something in the mask which I am certain is the fragrance. However, do remember what might not work too well for me, might be amazing for you! I am still unsure if my skin will have a drastic irritation, but I do know my skin was well exfoliated and felt very hydrated and moisturized after using it. I did not experience any redness, rash, or breakouts after using it. Just that itchy tingling sensation. In terms of skin and pore tightening, I did NOT notice a difference in my pores but I did feel my skin felt tighter and plump after use.

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