Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

by bb on Nov 09, 2017

Today we are going to talk about Honey and the advantages associated with this so very Natural product of goodness. The usage of honey proves to be beneficial for the body and skin in many ways. The product we are going to recommend is called the [I’M FROM] Honey Mask and it contains 38.7% pure honey.

Honey Benefits:

- It exfoliates skin gently to make sure the pores are clean from deep within- The richness of Natural Honey can be effectively used in hydrating and nourishing skin from deep within- A lot of people have skin troubles, honey for its part can sooth and calm skin and help keep skin ailments at an arm’s length

Emergency Pimple Care:

The [I’M FROM] Honey Mask has a natural anti-bacterial ingredient in it and an application of this pack over a pimple directly for 15 minutes can help ease and calm the pimples substantially.Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 1

Hair Care Beauty Hacks:

If you have extremely dry hair coupled with split ends, the application of a mixture of the Honey Mask and any oil (such as flaxseed oil, avocado oil or coconut oil) towards the damaged ends for 15 minutes would help reverse the process and transform the dry hair to smooth soft hair.

Lip Care Beauty Hacks:

A mixture of this honey mask and sugar scrub would create an ingredient which can be efficiently used to combat dryness on lips. This process is simple, mix of the above two ingredients in the ratio of 1:1 and apply the same directly to your lips.Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 2Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 3You then have to rub this ingredient gently for a minute and leave it on for another 15 minutes. Finally just wash it off and the end result is calm and soft lips.

Shaving & Hair Removal Beauty Hacks:

You could use this Honey Pack for a very easy shave too. To transform this pack into a shaving cream you will first need to use the Klairs Charcoal Soap and rub it vigorously to create lather. Finally you would need to mix 2 portions of the lather with a single portion of the [I’M FROM] Honey Mask and you will have your perfect shave foam ready. The advantage of this self produced product over the regular foams available over the counter, is that it will prevent your skin from stinging and tightening, while and after the shave.

Smooth & Healthy Nail Beauty Hacks:

For ladies who love the use of nail polish, prolonged usage of the same could end up in your nails and cuticles running parched and dry. The direct application of this I’M From Honey Mask to your nails and cuticles would add the required amount of miniaturization to the nails and skin around the nails. You need to end this process with the application of a few drops of honey oil directly on your cuticles. This final process would help amplify the overall appearance of how the nails appear and grace it with a tinge of youth.

Dark Circles Beauty Hacks:

You need to take a spoon of Honey Mask and mix it with a few drops of oil of your choice. This needs to be mixed and applied directly to the dark parched skin below the eyes. You need to leave this mixture for 20 minutes and rinse the same with warm water later. You would definitely see the darkness below the eyes diminish.

Dry Skin Beauty Hacks:

For dry skin beauty hacks, you can do 2:1 with your favorite or our recommended skincare, in which 2 portions would constitute the [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Serum and 1 single portion of the honey mask . Mix these 2 together for hydrating and nourishing treatment.Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 4Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 5Honey Beauty Hacks You Need to Know Article Insert 6Alternatively you can also use this with a moisturizing cream in the proportion of 3:1 in which there will be 3 portions of the this [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream and 1 portion of the honey mask . The application of any of the above can do wonders towards transforming your skin from extremely dry to wonderful.

Number of Application:

It would be recommended to use any of the above therapies at least two times a week. This would definitely ensure your skin looks healthy and you look great. You can also use your hands as natural incubators by rubbing them strongly to heat them up and pat them to the surface of your face to facilitate better absorption.

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