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by Claudia Christin on Jan 07, 2024

Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

Toner has been a staple on a lot of our skincare routine. They provide benefits not only for hydration these days, but also for skin repair or even brightening. We are going to battle some of your most favorite one from I’m From Rice Toner and Dear Klairs, Supple Preparation Unscented Toner. 



1. Quick fun fact 

When to use

Day and night, on the first step of your skincare routine 


How to use

Pat it with your hands, with a cotton pad, or as a sheet mask essence

Who is it for

All skin type and concern (depending on the active ingredients) 


Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin
Skingredients: Rice for glowing skin

2. Key ingredients & Benefit 


I’m From Rice Toner 

This contains 77.78% Goami rice extracts. This extract revitalized the skin to reveal brighter and moisturized complexion. The rice extract is cultivated and harvested from a Rural Development area in South Korea rich in amino acids and antioxidants. It also contains niacinamide and adenosine to enhance its well-aging care benefit. If you are struggling with dull and dehydrated skin, your skin is going to love this one.


Dear Klairs, supple preparation toner 

On the other hand, contains hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan and centella asiatica extracts. The combination of this ingredient trio helps provide skin the deep hydration they need. The centella asiatica extracts strengthen the skin barrier and soothe down redness on stressed skin. The formula doesn’t contain any fragrance and essential oil making them great for dehydrated and sensitive skin. 



3. Sensorial experience


I’m From Rice Toner 

This is a biphase product that needs to be shaken before use creating that one layer of creamy yet lightweight emulsion. The unscented, milky colored extract sinks in almost immediately and gives that moisturizing and dewy finish on the skin. It makes such a great essence for a DIY sheet mask.


Dear Klairs, supple preparation toner 

This is pretty viscous in consistency at first when you pour them on the palm of your hands. However, you don’t have to worry since it also sinks in very quickly on the skin without leaving any greasiness but a burst of hydration for sensitive and “angry” skin.


Here’s a little recap of our review, which one of the following is your favorite? Let us know!


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