Battle of the Best: Klairs Vitamin E Mask & By Wishtrend Vitamin E Cream

by Wendy Kim on Feb 06, 2020

A great antioxidant, best friend of Vitamin C serum, great hydrant for dry skin and etc - these are just some of the adjectives that will explain what Vitamin E is. Vitamin E has been considered one of the most popular ingredient found in skincare and it can be easily found in serums or in moisturizers. There is no doubt that Vitamin E contains antioxidant properties and helps prevent free radicals from sun exposure or pollutants.

A little more about Vitamin E

Before we jump into finding the best Vitamin E cream for you, let's get to learn a little more about the ingredient VItamin E. Vitamin E might sound like a one simple ingredient. However, Vitamin E is a name given to a family of oil-soluble antioxidant and there are 8 different types of forms of Vitamin E. Vitamin E can be found in synthetic form or can be derived from natural ingredients. Two of the most common form of Vitamin E are "tocopherol acetate" and Vitamin E found in "vitamin tree water" or "hippophae rhamnoides water"vitamin e comparison insert image 1To put it in the easiest way, Vitamin E is an antioxidant. And if you have been following skincare with us for a while now, you would know how antioxidant in skincare is important to prevent oxidative damage and help to remove free radicals on the skin. Vitamin E ...
    • contains moisturizing properties,
    • • aids to strengthen skin barrier function,
    • is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it great for skin soothing and calming,
    • protects the skin from free radicals and damage caused by sun exposure or pollutants
    • and boosts Vitamin C skincare (helps Vitamin C ingredient be delivered to the deeper layer of the skin)

How to add Vitamin E in skincare

You can find Vitamin E in different categories of skincare products, however it is mostly found in cream or mask type products considering the nature of the ingredient. And since it works effectively when used after Vitamin C serums, it often comes in a jar of cream. The texture of Vitamin E creams and the list of ingredients combined varies among different brands. So if you wish to have an idea of which Vitamin  E cream will work best on your skin, make sure you assess 1) the type of Vitamin E, 2) whether it comes in a texture that will make your skin feel at ease and 3) the list of combined ingredients Note that Vitamin E cream can be used regardless of the time of the day,. Use accordingly dependig on the consistency of the cream and the type of skincare you wish to give your skin that day. As long as your Vitamin E cream is light enough that it won't clash with your foundation, go for it in the morning! And if you wish to maximize brightening and antioxidant care by pairing Vitamin E with a Vitamin C serum, take time and go for it before you go to bed!

Battle of the Best : Klairs & By Wishtrend, which will work better for you?

On Wishtrend, you'll be able to find two different Vitamin E cream products. One from Klairs and one from By Wishtrend. They both are Vitamin E creams and will with no doubt deliver the benefits of Vitamin E onto the skin. However, they are two different forms of Vitamin E with very different texture and combination of other ingredients. So, consider your skin type, skin condition, skin concern and skin preference and see which one you'll keep on your vanity! Is it going to be Klairs? By Wishtred? Or back and forth between the two? vitamin e cream comparison chart insert image 2

Klairs Vitamin Duo Gift Set

[caption id="attachment_152444" align="aligncenter" width="450"]vitamin duo set Click above to enjoy the Klairs Vitamin Duo Gift Set with 25% discounted price and Klairs post cards![/caption]

Customer Reviews

Works like Magic!!  - [Klairs] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

This has a very unique pudding like texture but turns easily into a cream when spread. When I heard that this Vitamin E mask from @dear_klairs helps in boosting the effect of Vitamin C serum, I had to incorporate it into my regime ASAP. It absorbs well and has a very faint tackiness to it. Although this can be used both at day and night time, I mainly use this in my night time skin routine. Using the Klair’s Vitamin E mask together with a Vitamin C serum definitely has brought a change in my skin. My skin feels brighter and supple. I initially had a sample version of this product and I loved it so much so I got the full size of the product. After incorporating this product into my skincare it has definitely improved my overall skin texture. - Tamrakar Sa******

My Favorite Day/Night Cream! - [By Wishtrend] Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream 

From extremely hot and dry weather, to dry and -35 degree F weather, this cream provides the best hydration. In addition, it's lightweight and I can even just wear this alone without makeup and go out! My skin feels elastic after I started using this, and it makes my skin look and feel awake all day! I also use it after the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop to enhance the absorption of the serum. It's very gentle and I even use it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around my eyes and smile lines. - Lac Th*****

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