4 Skincare Tips to Remember on How to Get Best Skin in 2020!

by Wendy Kim on Feb 02, 2020

With the end of lunar new year, we have officially entered 2020 and a new decade! More time at the gym, spend more time with the loved ones and going vegan and etc. The list goes on for our new year’s resolution note. There is one addition to the most commonly found list on the new year resolution and it is, "caring for healthier and better skin". So, how do we do it? If you are wondering where to start, keep an eye on these 4 skincare tips and reveal your best skin ever in the year 2020!

4 Tips to Reveal Best Skin in 2020

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#1. Smart Exfoliation

There are numerous ways to exfoliate the skin and among we all have our preference. Whether it is the ingredients, the texture, the way of use, our skin type, exfoliation is a step of skincare that we have our own peculiar way we like to do it. The best exfoliation is when you can help your skin with cell turnover and remove unnecessary dead skin cells to prevent whiteheads and acne. Since it is removing a layer of your skin, compared to other skincare steps it is a step that will stimulate the skin in any way. However, lesser the irritation, better for the skin’s barrier. Especially if you have sensitive skin, the last thing you would want is to irritate your skin. Look for an exfoliator that will be less harsh on the skin yet effectively control sebum and excessive oil on the skin. One way to do this is to look for an exfoliating wash off mask that contains hydrants. how to get best skin insert image 2•  Find one on Wishtrend: [Klairs] Youthful Glow Sugar Mask •  Why Klairs Youthful Glow Sugar Mask Will Be Your Next Obsession

#2. Splurge on Hydration

No matter how many times you have heard, read and been emphasized of it, you can never get enough of ‘HYDRATION’. And this shall continue in the year 2020. Regardless of the time and the season of the year, it has become hard to forecast the radical changes in weather and air condition. Temperatures vary day to day and we don’t know what to expect. Our skin’s moisture barrier tends to get weaker and our skin can turn sensitive at these harsh conditions, so make sure to always keep skin hydrated and soothed. You can achieve this through different ways in your skincare routine, whether it be adding a hydrating sheet mask or multiple layers of hydration. Make sure to keep a hydrating toner that you can splurge on and count on on days when skin is extra dry, irritated and sensitive. how to get best skin insert image 3•  Find one on Wishtrend: [Klairs] Daily Skin Hydrating Water•  Klairs Daily Skin Water Comes in Two, What Should I Get?

#3. More Care to the Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul. It seems like the word eyes in that quote emcompasses the entire eye areas including your under eyes. No matter how beautiful and bright your eyes are, if you have deep dark circles and flaky eyes, it will drive the attention away. Eyes are one part from our face that we easily tend to forget to give thorough care. It is also one of those tricky areas to take care of since the skin around the eyes are sensitive and extremely thin compared to other parts of the face. However, that is exactly why it is most prone to fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and dark circles. As much as it need cautious care, a good care is very much needed. The earlier you consider under eye care, the longer you will keep the skin under your eyes healthier. Focus on the ingredients and formulation when it comes to choosing an eye cream. Some of the ingredients you would want to consider are: quad-peptide, sunflower seed oil, caffeine. how to get best skin insert image 4• Find one on Wishtrend: [Klairs] 2 Step Eye Care Set•  Replace Your Eye Cream with This Under Eye Care Duo from Klairs!

#4. Dive Deeper to Natural Ingredients

Many brands are coming up with products containing ‘natural’ ingredients. We are aware that there are benefits that these natural ingredients bring to our skin but not exactly in detail. It is always best and safe to be fully aware of the ingredients that you decide to apply directly on your face and body. So why not start this practice from the year 2020? Natural ingredients ar known to have nutrients rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and hydrating properties. Among different natural ingredients known to benefit our skin, ‘honey’ is one of the leading natural ingredient beloved by many. It is best known as a hydrating ingredient and thus beloved by dry skin in general, there is more to it. Honey is an effective antibacterial and calming ingredient that can benefit acne prone skin. As much as honey is a fascinating skincare ingredient, it is also renown to have thick and gooey texture, that many might find unpleasant. But dive a little deeper and you’ll be able to find serum or creams that will deliver the benefits of honey but still leave skin feeling refreshed and at ease. how to get best skin insert image 5 Find one on Wishtrend: [I’m From] Honey Glow Cream  How to Use Honey for Skin Glow with this Honey Duo

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