Wishtrend Promotion: Shout Out to Our Wishtrenders From Us

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Mar 13, 2021

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"Shout Out to Our Wishtrenders From Us" - How Did it Start?

Throughout the years since Wishtrend opened up to the world, there has been countless occasions and celebrations that we couldn't thank more to our customers and followers around the world. But especially the year 2020, there were so much more to thank for! For keeping Wishtrend's company throughout the pandemic, always making sure to leave positive and constructive feedbacks for our contents and shopping experience at all times, staying up until 4 am in the morning to celebrate 10th anniversary of Wishtrend, and being patient with the website crash during 2020 Black Friday.  Wishtrend always made sure to send thank you notes and comments at occasions, however, Wishtrend wanted to thank Wishtrenders with a very special occasion this time. Wishtrend wanted to dedicate a full week to the #wishtrenders all over the globe. And unlike your normal weekly promotions and new arrivals, Wishtrend wanted to try something new. Staffs at Wishtrend wanted to actively take part this time to really give a proper "Shout Out to Our Wishtrenders".  
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 So, what has #TeamWishtrend come up with to celebrate and give back the love they have recieved from all of you? Here are 5 things you can enjoy this very special week! 

1️⃣. 3 Boxes Just for You, Are You #TeamDry? #TeamOily? #TeamSensitive? 🎁

Wishtrend Staff Week Insert Image 2 Click onto the image to learn more about the special boxes![/caption] This is the most exciting part of this very special week designed by #TeamWishtrend. 3 of Wishtrend's staffs have gathered to come up with 3 very special skincare boxes curated with products specifically handpicked for 3 different skin concerns. Wendy, Rachel and Ella who have been working with Wishtrend from quite some time now, each have been struggling with very different skin conditions and concerns. They wanted to take this time to share their favorites and holy grails from Wishtrend that have actually helped and improved their skin conditions. #TeamDry is designed and handpicked by Wendy, #TeamOily by Rachel and #TeamSensitive by Ella. 

Read detailed tips & tutorials for 3 different skin conditions from #TeamWishtrend!


#TeamDry? How to Treat Dry Skin, Dehydrated Skin Day & Night


‣ #TeamOily? How to Treat Oily Skin & Oily T-Zone Like a Pro


2️⃣. Get to Know Team Wishtrende with an Exclusive Interview at Wishtrend TV 📺

As #TeamWishtrend came together to come up exclusive skincare boxes and discounts on some of the best selling brands, Wishtrend TV went ahead to create a special series to share the stories of 3 Wishtrend Staffs who stepped up to share their very own skincare routine and create a special box to help resolve different skin conditions. Wendy, Rachel and Ella sat down with Wishtrend TV to share about their skincare journey and struggles, how their special routine helped them with their skin conditions and their experience with Wishtrenders all over the world! 

3️⃣. Meet #TeamWishtrend Live on Instagram & Watch Their Skincare Reels! 

You can also watch #TeamWishtrend's personal skincare routine on @wishtrend. Wendy, Rachel and Ella filmed their very first skincare Reels content just for the followers on Instagram! They went full bare face for this one and invited you to their very own vanity to share in detail how they actually do their skincare using the products curated in their own box. Make sure to head over to @wishtrend Instagram to watch their Reels and show them some love and support! 

4️⃣. Get Up to 40% OFF Your Favorite Skincare Brands & Special Codes!

And let's not forget the discounts you can enjoy for this special week on some of your favorite skincare brands and products. 3 different skincare boxes: #TeamDry, #TeamOily, and #TeamSensitive will be offered with over 40% off discounted price. You can also get your favorite Wish, Try, Love Box and LED Therapy Mask from Eclair with 40% OFF price as well - so make sure to get hands on some of your favorite skincare products that will keep your skin healthy!

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