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Not A Flaw by Wishtrend TV

by Ella Bang on Sep 23, 2022


Hey, Wishtrenders! 

Do you remember Not A Flaw Campaign launched by Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV back in 2021? 
(If you don't remember, check out this link)

What's Flawless Skin? 

Not a Flaw is a campaign dedicated to stamping out the stigma against so-called “flaws” in skincare.

We truly appreciate your supports and spreading this Not A Flaw message with us. 

Or we greatly treasure your every slight reaction to Not A Flaw campaign.


 not a flaw wishtrend tv

Wishtrend TV would like to open up the behind-the-scenes of our staffs and guests during the campaign! 


Team Wishtrend TV believes trustworthiness is essential when creating skincare content. 
hat's why we always try to contain the most honest after results without using any filters.
Wish, Try, Love is a program that suggests skincare guides for different skin concerns.
In this program, we show before & after using skincare routines.
Whether the skin condition has significantly changed or not,
we weren't afraid to show the result on our videos because again,
we value trustworthiness the most here.

We also invited four guests who once showed up in the campaign video back to our studio. 
There's more to come for you and we hope you to stand with us, Wishtrenders!