Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Hits 1 Million Subs!

by Wendy Kim on May 09, 2019

Are you ready for the biggest news that hit Wishtrend so far this year?Wishtrend TV has reacehd 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS !!!!To celebrate Wishtrend TV adding another 0 at the end of the number making it six 0s in total (1,000,000) let’s take a look at the brief journey of Wishtrend TV and their aspirations ahead!

“1 million subscribers = 1 million Wishtrenders”

Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 1So it all started in the year 2013Wishtrend TV first opened in the year 2013 with the idea and hopes to introduce some of the GOOD Korean products outside of Korea, along with sharing skincare and beauty tips and tutorials with our customers and followers.There was significance, however, as time passed, Wishtrend TV has witness a growing request from the subscribers and has noticed the growing needs from the customers of a more specifically curated skincare solution and guidelines.That is why from the year 2014, not only Wishtrend started to curate and maufacture brands and products that were strengthened in terms of formulation, effects and ingrdients. And that is how many's favorite Korean skincare brand 'Klairs' and 'By Wishtrend' that now has become so familar to us now all started.Addition to curating and creating beloved skincare and beauty brands, to respond to the many requests and needs of personal skincare routine curation, Wishtrend TV also started a series called Wish, Try, Love!.The Wish, Try, Love sereies started not only to help customers and subscribers solve their specific skin concerns and suggest a perfectly handpicked curation of products and solution but also to have the opportunity to share them with discounted price and free gifts along with the worldwide free shipping! And Wish, Try, Love is still going strong and is in the midst of season 2 which everyone is enjoying and getting a lot of help with their skin!

“You WISH, You TRY, You fall in LOVE”

[caption id="attachment_6030" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 2 *Check out the most recent Wish, Try, Love package by clicking onto the image above[/caption]2 years have passed and 2015 was the year of adventure and creativity for Wishtrend TV!Wishtrend TV expanded the theme of contents going beyond skincare and beauty. Trying K-pop, fashion videos and cooking videos were a challenge yet many enjoyed the new type of contents. Wishtrend TV staffs claim that whenever they look back at some of the videos back in the year 2015, it makes them cringe and laugh at the same time :pYet, it was a great time for Wishtrend TV to figure out what the subscribers really wish to see and look forward to on the channel and get prepared for the better leap the following years.The year 2017 was a fun year for Wishtrend TV because it was the year when the channel started some of the series that are beloved by so many until now!Series like ' Do & Don't', 'Wishtrenders, We Got You' (the live streaming series on Wishtrend) and of course 'Teen Beauty Bible'.And most importantly, Wishtrend TV decided to take a further step outside just the channel and to actually meet the subscribers face to face! The first desitnation was Malaysia! And even more exciting trips to meet subscribers waits ahead![caption id="attachment_6031" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 3 Check out the video by clicking the image below[/caption]And it was finally 2018, the year when Wishtrend TV hit 500,000 subscribers and after not too long reached 600K subscribers. Not only Wishtrend TV's good beauty youtuber friends have congratulated but Wishtrend TV's dearest subscrbers have shared their support and love through their talents!New series like 'Wishtrend TV vs Acne' to help all those struggling with acne and '4 Reviewers' to share more detailed and real reviews of not only products from Wishtrend but other beauty & skincare products. And not to mention, 'Beauty Hackers' which has a great reputation of sharing hacks that comes super handy in skincare and beauty emergencies.

8 Beloved Series on Wishtrend TV

Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 4Last but not least, Wishtrend TV along with Wishtrend, has celebrated the 'Cruelty-Free Week' to raise awareness of the brands and products that are cruelty-free. It was a great reminder of raising awareness of the matter and to reaffirm Wishtrend staff's take on Cruelty-Free as well. (and Cruelty Free Week will take place again very soon in May)

Finally 2019, the year we hit 1 million

After 6 years since its first beginning, Wishtrend TV is still learning and growing with the subscribers. And never stops to explore and be inspired by requests and feedbacks from their subscribers. In this process, Wishtrend TV witness a rising need health related contents! And as always, Wishtrend TV teamed up with some of the great content creating partners and started a series called 'Wishtrend Fitness TV'.[caption id="attachment_6033" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 5 Check out the video by clicking the image below[/caption]

“Sharing Positive Beauty Everywhere”

Wishtrend TV reaching 1 million subscribers has become another crucial milestone to take time to look back to the past footsteps and to set a new goal and aspiration. And Wishtrend TV, to celebrate this significant mark, announced their new aspiration and motto of the channel. Wishtrend TV aspires to be a beauty & health centric channel with the aspiration of spreading positive beauty with everyone and everywhere.

“Search your skincare at Wishtrend TV”

AND OF COURSE, Wishtrend TV will continue to offer a wide range of skincare information but with even more professionality to offer more reliable and trustworthy tips and tutorials. So that not only 1 million but 10 million, 100 million and even more subscribers can 'search their skincare at Wishtrend TV"!

Celebrating Wishtrend TV 1M Subscribers!

To celebrate and give back the love to the world, Wishtrend TV has prepared SOMETHING SPECIAL. Wishtrend TV will make a donation to WWF (World Wildlife Fund)! Not only Wishtrend TV donate $2,000, they will additionally donate according to the view of the video celebrating 1M subscribers!★ Donation amount: $2,000 + 1 cent per 1 view ★ How long will Wishtrend TV track the view of the video? from April 27th ~ May 26th, CST / maximum $10,000 will be donated according to the view★ Donating to: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) [caption id="attachment_6034" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Youtube Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 6 Check out the video by clicking the image below[/caption]

Donation Has Been Made!

★ Donation amount: ₩ 3,367,500 KRW ($ 2,858.17) ★ Donating to: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Gold Button! Wishtrend TV Insert Image 7

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