#wishtrender: Sorn, From CLC to Tik Tok and Now Sharp Objects

by Wendy Kim on Mar 15, 2022

It is already our 13th edition of #wishtrender! The past few months, Wishtrend had the pleasure to partner up with Sorn and her team Wild Entertainment Group and have her as Wishtrend's ambassador! Sorn has made plenty of visits to the studio here at Wishtrend for Youtube videos and photo shoots and we had the opportunity to get to know Sorn on a more personal and initmate level! There was so much more layer to Sorn's personality and story than a gorgeous blonde K-pop star turned Tik Tok star and bad ass solo artist!  So, we made sure we pulled her to the side for an interview. Get excited! Because she's not only spilling the tea for her music and her contents but also gave us a sneak peak to her next music!Wishtrender_Sorn This interview was conveyed and co-authored by Wendy and Arin from Wishtrend.[/caption] 

💙 Before anything, let’s talk about your very first solo ‘Sharp Objects 🔪’. First of all, congratulations and all our Wishtrend staff have it on loop at the office! Please share the whole inspiration behind the music and please share with us as the artist of this song, which aspect of the song we shall focus on while listening to it!

🖤The very first time when I listened to the demo at the studio, I knew THIS WAS THE ONE. It was a style of music I had never done or performed before and thus something my fans and my followers wouldn’t expect me to do. But I fell in love with it because as an artist, I thought there would be a lot of room to play around with the concept especially because the lyrics are very intense.  So, the Weekend is one of my favorite artists and “Blinding Lights” was the inspiration to the whole visual concept of “Sharp Objects”. Even though I didn’t write the song myself I had the creative control over the music video and the visuals. It was so much fun working on the whole process and I wanted to bring this song to the next level and create my own style as the first step of being a solo artist for the first time.   To share a little bit more story behind the “Sharp Objects”,  it is also a metaphor for when you fall in love with someone you know you’re not supposed to, but you still can't help but to give affection to that someone. I wanted to show the courage of the girl in the song who wasn’t afraid of doing what she wanted to do. And knowing that we all have that part of us, I hope that the lyrics come across relatable to my listeners. 

💙 How would you define your music, and what is your aspiration as a musical artist? 

🖤 I don’t think I have a specific style yet. I am still on the journey to find my own distinct style. Having a long history in K-pop, I was blessed to learn how to sing and perform in different styles and genres. So now I'm able to experiment and play around with different styles to find what truly is Sorn's style.  Ariana Grande is my favorite artist, especially more so since I do have a similar vocal range as her. I admire how she stacks vocals and how she does her ad-libs so effortlessly. I try to mimic her when practicing and recording and I applied this method to recording my next song. I think you guys will understand what I mean when you listen to my next song that will be released soon! But at the end of the day, I don’t want to sound like "someone". I want to have a distinct voice and style, and eventually sound like “Sorn”. 

💙 Let’s move onto talking about Tik Tok! How and what inspired you to start creating content on Tik Tok? 

🖤When Tik Tok first came to Korea and gained attention around 2-3 years ago, my friend Leonard recommend that Tik Tok would be a nice platform to express myself. As someone who loves to experiment creativity, I took his word and started to create contents on the platform as part of my creative experimentation. I also had a YouTube channel back then, but I felt that YouTube had its limit to the span and style of contents I wanted to create. 


Interesting fact, I learned a lot about myself through Tik Tok. I always knew I was an expressive person, but I did not know my facial expressions were this expressive! I didn't even know that I could make such faces! Through filming videos on Tik Tok, I started to understand and learn more about my facial muscles, and realized that this served as a great training for acting and performing! It definitely helped me while filming the music video for "Sharp Objects". 


Through Tik Tok, I was also able to reach out to a larger and broader group of fans and followers. Well, honestly, I still don't know up to this day, why my fans love me and my contents (laughs). It was fun to see that a lot of my followers on Tik Tok doesn't even know that I used to be a part of CLC. I was grateful to know that I could provide relatable and loveable contents outside the influence and the realm of K-pop.

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💙 On that note, how did you come up with the 'Sharp Objects' Challenge? We are loving all different types of challenges that we are seeing online now! 

🖤First of all, I wanted every one of my fans to be able to participate in the challenge. I often noticed that when artists come up with challenges on Tik Tok, they were too hard to follow or didn't give us much space to add our creatives into the challenges. That's why me and our team decided to come up with various versions of challenges rather than restricting it to just one type. There's a challenge for everyone! For dancers, for motion lovers, for close-up shot lovers and so on! 


Sorn & Henry doing the Sharp Objects challenge 🔪

💙 What do you think is your impact on the public through Tik Tok? 

🖤I try to make a lot of relatable content so it is easy for the public to relate to. I want my followers on social media to think of me as a friend and feel connected rather than see me as a celebrity. I am definitely that girl next door, that one friend who is in any friend group, the type of gal easy to get along with. I want my fans to feel the same way through my content. I've been saying this since I started filming videos on Tik Tok, but my goal in the space of Tik Tok is to put a smile on your face and encourage everyone to be happy and follow their dreams. 


"Everyone should remember that you are the one who needs to take responsibility for your happiness. After you realize this and take care of yourself, you can truly know how to love others."


💙 We know that you have so many exciting projects coming up in 2022! But we want to know, so please tell us what are you most looking forward to in 2022? 

🖤This year I definitely want to and see myself focusing on music and my journey as a solo artist. I have been in the music industry for a decade now, but it is my first time as a soloist, so I want to find myself as an artist. I need more practice to understand my own voice and style, and this year is the start of this exciting journey. I am truly grateful for the amazing Wild team who's always supportive and patient with me.


We have many projects ahead in 2022 but to share with you for the first time EVER! I will be releasing a new song very soon, earliest April. "Scorpio" is the title of my new song! Yes, I am a Scorpio and I am already obsessed with the song! I hope everyone loves it as much as they love "Sharp Objects"! 


💙 So, MBTI....Because everyone is obsessed with this lately, we must ask. What is your MBTI? And can you relate to it? 

🖤I am an ISFJ (Defender). I think it is the most common MBTI you can find (hahaha). I remember reading that ISFJ (Defender) gets happiness through helping and taking care of others and I actually do! So, I guess it makes sense in a way! But I prefer to read horoscopes (haha), cut two, me titling my next song "Scorpio".


💙 How has your experience in the K-pop industry helped you in your new journey and with life in general?

🖤So, I recently counted and I realized that I have been in the industry since I was fifteen years old. Being a part of CLC and meeting and working with people in different fields and professions, I was able to really experience and learn through experience that hard work pays off and the importance of manners and having a good work ethic. On top of that, being a Thai in the K-pop industry, I learned how to accept cultural differences, adjust to new environments, and be open-minded. The years made me become who I am now. The experience helped me both personally and professionally.


💙 At Wishtrend, we are all about positivity. Having an online presence and being in the public eye could be stressful enough - how do you deal with stress? We would love to know your own way of coping with stress and negativity. 

🖤Just like everyone, I get stressed and can get frustrated with different situations and I am always learning how to cope with it. Yet as years pass, I notice that rather than sitting on negativity and stress, I see myself trying to convert the energy into creative works. Now what I would usually do when I am under the weather, or under stress, I would write lyrics, doodle, or try to come up with contents. I am working on trying to write my emotions down in to lyrics as much as I can and hopefully one day I can turn a whole notebook into an album! 


💙 We know that after years of living in Korea, your next chapter will be in LA! For our Wishtrenders from all over the world, please share with us the most memorable moments in Korea! 

🖤I think the most memorable moments in Korea are the precious relationships I made through my journey as a trainee and idol. Thinking back, I don’t think I could have done what I’ve done without my fellow idol friends, bandmates, and friends who are not in the music industry. Living in Korea gave me opportunities to meet a lot of new people and grow meaningful relationships with them. These people really supported me throughout my whole journey. They are relationships to cherish forever. 

 💙 Since you are moving to LA soon can you tell us more about it?

🖤Yes! I am super excited because working with some of the amazingly talented producers there while working on "Sharp Objects", I realized that there is so much more room to explore as an artist! I also wanted to be surrounded with artists and creators and I have met some amazing groups there, so I am really looking forward to this transition. I’ve been living in Korea for over 10 years now; and I do feel like this is the right time for me to make a transition for another phase for me as an artist and as a content creator. Also, by putting myself out with the new group will challenge myself to grow.


Talking about LA! I’m also excited for Coachella 2022!  This will be my very first time there so I am super excited! I have been on the stage for 10 years and now I am just ready to enjoy and dance to my favorite artists at the festival as an audience!


💙 This is our go-to question for our #wishtrender series. What does positive beauty mean to you?

🖤To me, positive beauty starts from knowing how to love yourself. I personally lack this and tend to focus on external factors rather than myself. Everyone should remember that you are the one who needs to take responsibility for your happiness. After you realize this and take care of yourself, you can truly know how to love others. I think when I’m in a good mindset, this shows to my fans and audience. Don’t forget to love yourself because the positive energy of this affects the people around you.


💙Time for Wishtrend's Classic Question: What are your top 5 picks from Wishtrend? 


1️⃣ [Dear, Klairs] Gentle Black Facial Cleanser 

This is my favorite cleanser of all time. I have dry skin, and whenever I remove my makeup and cleanse my face, my skin feels so tight and dry that it’s uncomfortable. But with this cleanser, I don’t feel any of that at all. My skin is super smooth and feels moisturized. 


Dear, Klairs

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2️⃣[elmt] Advanced Calming Solution 

In the morning I use this to wipe my face with a cotton pad, and during the night I use it as a serum. This soothing product relieved my dry and itchy cheeks. Truly a life changer! 



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3️⃣[By Wishtrend] Polyphenols in Propolis 15% 

I really don’t like oily serums that don’t absorb into your skin properly and leave that sticky kind of feeling. But this ampoule, I love it because it makes my skin glowy but not oily.  It helps with acne which is also another reason to love it. 


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As many of you guys know, I am a very smiley person. Which means I have smile wrinkles... This has been a concern for a while until I started using this well-aging night cream. My smile lines have improved a lot after using this. 


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5️⃣[Dear, Klairs] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask 

Because of this product I have gotten rid of all my sheet masks. Sheet masks are now so unnecessary; this is much more convenient. My skin feels very very moisturized after using this and surprisingly it has no leftover residue in the morning. 


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