#wishtrender: Soo Beauty, Youtuber and a CEO of Soo Good Beauty

by Wendy Kim on Sep 26, 2021

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Q1. Hi! Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Hey everyone! My name is Soo! Nice to meet you all :) Not only am I a skincare enthusiast but also a skincare youtuber and also the founder of Soo Good Beauty! I’ve been on YouTube for six years and this year I have launched my own skincare brand with my first skin care product which is the Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad. 

Soo Good Beauty

Feel Soo Calm Toner Pad


Q2. How was 2021 so far? What is the best thing that happened this year for you?

So far 2021 has been, of course, a little hectic for everyone, but it was also very meaningful because it is the year that I launched my own skin care brand. I introduced Soo Good Beauty into the world in May and I think this has got to be one of the biggest feat that I have ever made in my whole entire life! I’m so proud of myself because I honestly had very little to no help doing this. I did most of the things on my own from A-to-Z; from marketing to the photoshoots to developing the product to labeling design! It was such a journey to go through but at the end, everything felt so worth it as I am seeing so many people enjoy my product.


Q3. Your YouTube channels have really taken off and we love your channel! What inspired you to create content and what inspired you to focus on skincare and beauty? 

When I first started to create videos back in 2015, I honestly just wanted to share what I loved with other people on the Internet, as crazy as that might’ve sounded back then! It just looked like something that I would have a lot of fun doing! When I first started, I did cover quite a scope of product categories, but with time, I noticed that there was a lot of demand for K beauty products content! A lot of people were thirsty to know more information; they wanted more reviews and wanted to know if the products were as good as they sounded. I think that’s when I just decided to really narrow my field down and I’m so glad that I did because I have managed to find this huge passion for skincare! Now I am such a huge skincare geek! I think it definitely has a different appeal to make up products which is equally fun but very different. I think skin care has more of a calming, self-care aspect to it which is something that I love.


Q4. I really love your Youtube series #unfiltered_me, what was the story behind it? 

So the unfiltered me series is mostly me just being unapologetically myself but it does mostly cover a lot of my journey with my body image, body dysmorphia and my workout journey in general. It’s one of the content series on my channel where you get to see a lot of raw moments of my life- both the highs and lows. 


I’ve always worked out, ever since I was 20 years old. Back then I did workout for aesthetic purposes. But last year I gained a lot of weight and it was something that I was struggling to deal with. So, I just decided to document the journey, once again, being unapologetically myself in the hopes that I would find a solution or an answer to my problem. My problem was that I was so unhappy with how I looked and I just didn’t understand why even though I looked perfectly normal. 


So I thought I would document it and it was one of the most difficult contents that I had uploaded ever because for the first time I received negative feedback, which is something that rarely happens in my comment section. But there was a lot of controversy to what I was uploading. Obviously to the third-eye, I looked perfectly normal but the fact that I was redeeming myself overweight and unhappy definitely stirred up conversations. But I think at the end of the day I’m really proud of uploading the “unfiltered_me” series because I think a lot of people resonated with it  and a lot of people found comfort. You don’t have to be particularly too fat or too thin or too skinny to have a problem with your body image; you can be perfectly normal and still be unsatisfied with how you look, which is a problem that should be dealt with.


Q5. We love the chemistry between you and Eunice on both your channels! How did you two first get along and decide to collaborate?

Honestly, Euniunni and I, we both know that we are very lucky to have found each other because this kind of chemistry, both on and offline, that we have is very rare to find. So, we’re very grateful for each other and we just have the greatest time when we’re together.

To go back in history, I actually was the one who approached Euniunni. She was having an event at Itaewon, I just thought, “You know what? I’m going to make this happen! I’m gonna go see her and get this relationship started!” And I did and from then, we would just run into each other at events and get acquainted with each other but it was only till the day we collaborated on a video that we realized that our chemistry was magic! And the rest is history :) She is obviously more than a colleague and we are there for each other and we rely on each other. 


Q6. We are super excited to finally launch your brand on! Please share us the coming about story of your very own brand Soo Good Beauty?

I’m so honored to launch my brand on wishtrend! 

Before as a skincare/beauty youtuber, I would always get offers to create something together but I never wanted to make a skincare product just for the sake of making it or just to make profit. I wanted to create something that was nonexistent in the market and something that was unique and something that was worthy of my subscribers’ money. And so even though I would have been delighted to have my own skincare brand, I just didn’t have a product that I want to make until I realized that there wasn’t a toner pad that was hydrating enough, big enough, and soft enough on the skin. And so I thought one day, “huh, why don’t I make one that I can use and one that my subscribers can use?” 


Another reason for starting my own business was woman empowerment! Surprisingly a lot of founders and CEOs in the beauty industry are run by males, which was surprising for me to discover because I honestly thought woman would be selling product women use... But that was not the case,and it still is not the case today and I just want to really put out the message that woman can do anything! We are here for each other and if you want to stay on business you should go ahead and do it!


Q7. If you could rank your top 4 favorite Wishtrend products, what would they be?

 SooBeautyI_Insert Image2 

For sure, the By Wishtrend Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule - this was such a treasure for me to find! 

By Wishtrend Mandelic 5% Skin Prep Water

Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop

By Wishtrend

Polyphenols in Propolis 15% Ampoule


Q8. If you could share one skincare / beauty tip that you live by to our readers, what would it be?

This is something that I always mention and it’s also brand philosophy behind Soo Good Beauty, and it’s that “as you feel good nothing else matters.” Doing Skincare YouTube for six years, I’ve just noticed that there’s so many “rules”, “to do’s” and “to not do’s”. I think it all just can seem a little overwhelming. Of course it’s good to warn someone if they’re doing something dangerous to their skin but apart from that, I think it’s important to let everyone give them space and let them use whatever they want because after all it’s just skincare. As much as I love skincare, I do not think it’s medicine. I just think skincare is a great way to look after yourself and to have a good, relaxing time. So whether you want to have a 10 or 2 step skincare routine, as long as you feel good about it, sure, why not? 


Q9. What does ‘Not a Flaw’ mean to you? 

Having acne prone skin for the entirety of my adult life, I resonate so much with this campaign! It does also reflect how I feel about having acne or other “flaws” on my skin. I think the best attitude when dealing with these acne or spots is just to let them be! Acne is just acne, skin is just skin. 

Soo Good Beauty

Soo Must Haves


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