Wishtrend TV January Recap Just in Case You Missed!

by Wendy Kim on Feb 04, 2021

wishtrend tv january insert image Are you subscribed to Wishtrend TV? Well, here is a treat for you! Whether you have already been subscribed to Wishtrend TV for quite some time now or you have just got on board with us and is soon to be a newbie to the channel, what we are about to share you now will come in handy! Don't have the fear of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to Wishtrend TV as we will be giving you monthly recap from 2021! And we all know how recap always make our lives easier. So, what happend over on Wishtrend TV on the very first month of a New Year? 
      1. 1. Welcoming 2021 with Wishtrend TV's Host - Stay at Home Edition

      2. Despite the challenges we all face with COVID-19, Wishrend TV made sure to celebrate the new year's eve and the welcoming of a new year 2021! But of course, with strict social distancing at each of their homes. Kasper opened up this very special video with a beautiful song dedicated to all Wishtrenders around the world and each of the hosts sat down in their living room sharing what they enjoy to do at home and answering to some of the questions closely tied to looking back to 2020 and looking forward to 2021.
    wishtrend tv recap insert image 1
        1. If you don't want to miss out on Kasper's lovely cat and how Mehdi bingewatches his favorite Netflix series apart from skincare and beauty favorites and tips from all the hosts on Wishtrend TV, make sure to check out the video "Stay Home with Me, Sharing 5 Skincare Routines | Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021"
     2. Beauty Trend 2021 Of Course!January will be not as fun without talking about what beauty trends will take over for the year 2021. Our host Jihyun shared 7 beauty trends that we'll often see around among different brands and in the skincare and beauty community in general. 
    wishtrend tv insert image 2
      We made sure to link 7 beauty trends of 2021, so make sure to tap on and enjoy this year with more excitement and colors! ☑️ Collaboration will be wilder☑️ Skinimalism is the way to get through 2021☑️ Maskne is the new acne?☑️ Eye makeup will continue to lift up the spirits☑️ Pantone's color of the year of course!☑️ Clean beauty, we are all still learning ☑️ Mental health shall be your number one priority  

    3. New Episode of Wish, Try, Love and This Time It is for Maskne!

          1. If you've been following Wishtrend TV, Wish, Try, Love is no stranger! Wish, Try, Love is a series on Wishtrend TV where you can find detailed skincare tips and routines to target different skin conditions and concerns. Wish, Try, Love is not only a series on Wishtrend TV, it is also a whole line of skincare box you can only find on to make your skincare life easier! Whenever Wishtrend come across a skincare condition or a concern commonly found among the subscribers of Wishtrend TV, Wishtrend staffs sit down to come up with the best skincare routine made ready but with free gifts and extra discounts. 
        wishtrend tv january insert image 5
        • And for the very first Wish, Try, Love box in the year 2021, it is all about "MASKNE" . Maskne is considered to be the new type of acne that we are experiencing with mask becoming a necessity due to COVID-19. But with Wish, Try, Love Maskne Repair Box, you can get your way through maskne treatment and prevetion easily and swiftly!
      maskne repair box shop now
          • 4. Wishtrend Livestreaming Talk on Maskne

          • "Wishtrenders' We Got You" is the livestreaming series on Wishtrend TV! It is where you can not only get access to the latest product new of Wishtrend such as the newest product releases but also where you can win some of your favorite skincare products through live intereactive game playing with the hosts of Wishtrend TV!
            wishtrend tv january insert image 3
        • And for January, Mehdi and Iris sat down to guide you through how to treat maskne so that you can have a better understanding of some of the ingredients that will help you through maskne treatment and prevention. It was a great preview for the latest Wish, Try, Love Maskne Repair Box! If you have never joined "Wishtrenders, We Got You" before, make sure you do for the month of February! You never know, you might win your favorite skincare product through a giveaway!
              • 5. Top Ingredients for Acne Has Been Shared on "Skinpedia"

              • If you are looking for a series on Wishtrend TV where you can find detailed information on skincare ingredients and a more in-depth knowledge on skincare in general, "Skinpedia" is the one to pay the most attention to. it is the ultimate skincare encyclopedia for those who are not just here for the product recommendations but for those who are willing to walk away with a good idea of skincare and ingredients in general. 
        wishtrend tv january insert image 4
        • And the episode in January, they talked about "Top 5 Most Effective Ingredients for Acne Treatment". From ingredients such as propolis to sulfur, Eunice will guide you through step by step on how these ingredients will work wonders for acne.If you are struggling with acne at the moment, this episode will come in handy! 
   So, which one was your favorite episode from Wishtrend TV in the month of January? Make sure to let us know either on @wishtrend or @wishtrendtv and beyond the look for the videos to come in the month of February!

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