Wishtrend Black Friday 2020 Shopping Guide: Extra Benefits On Board

by Wendy Kim on Nov 19, 2020

Black Friday 2020 Insert Image 1 Click onto the image above to check out the spcial Black Friday page![/caption] Yes, it’s been a tough year for all of us in many different aspects. We are still striving to adjust to the new norm and trying to make lemonades when life seems like it’s giving us nothing but a basket of lemon so far. Yet, here we are celebrating making it through safe and sound this far, and celebrating Black Friday 2020 Because it has been nothing but out of the norm in the year of 2020, Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV is up to something very out of the norm, something very special! Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV wanted to make Black Friday 2020 extra special for all #wishtrenders around the world to enhance your shopping and skincare experience like it has never before!  

Black Friday 2020 Full Shopping Guide

Carry your self away with this Black Friday 2020 shopping guide, take notes and don’t miss out on a single opportunity to make your Black Friday more fun and economic! 1. For 48hrs Only, Get Up to 60% OFF
  • * this special deal has ended as of November 26th, thank you for the love and support! Make sure you read the full story here
Number one on the shopping guide list for 2020 Wishtrnd Black Friday will be a project that the team at Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV has been working on for months! For years, Wishtrend tried to offer some of the best deals and benefits to offer #wishtrenders the best shopping experience. However, for 2020, Wishtrend is going even BIGGER and BOLDER! Inspired by a famous series on Youtube, the 'Nego King' (a show that the host visits some of the major brands and corporates to negotiate for higher discounts and services for the customers), Wishtred TV's latest host Mehdi sat down with the sales rep. and Wishcompany's CEO Ryan Park to make the deal of a lifetime!  [caption id="attachment_471779" align="aligncenter" width="1902"]Wishtrend Black Friday 2020 Insert Image 2 Click onto the image to watch the full video[/caption]
          1. Mehdi as the representative of #wishtrenders and the team at Wishtrend TV plotted a way to have the opportunity to add extra discount rates for Black Friday 2020! (Watch the full video on how they did it right here) For many brands, it definitely has been a tough year with the pandemic, however thanks to Mehdi and the team at Wishtrend TV, Wishtrend will have 48 HOURS of speical discounts! You will be able to find some of your favorite Wishtrend products with 60% OFF price and 50% OFF on your favorite acne and brightening Wish, Try, Love boxes. But remember, this offer will only be available for 48 hours (November 24th to 25th)! Don't miss it and show some love to Mehdi, the staffs who made this deal possible and to Ryan, the CEO of Wishcompany who granted this request! Oh, and by the way, the Rose Quartz Beauty Roller will be back just for 48hrs for this special deal! 
      List of products you can get with 60% OFF price: Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming CreamDear, Klairs Mid day Blue UV ShieldDear, Klairs Supple Preparation Body SoapDear, Klaris Rich Moist Facial SoapDear, Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal SoapBy Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch 

      2. Take the Keep Calm & Carry On Self Care Kit for your next travel 

      For Black Friday 2020, the team at Wishtrend gathered to come up with something that #wishtrenders will love, something that's been missing in the year of 2020. With the pandemic and with the lockdown, travelling has been restricted and travelling is what we are missing out the most! However, we all know that at the end of this year-long struggle of pandemic, the boarders will reopen and will finally be able to fly out to our dream destinations with less fear, restrictions and discomfort. [caption id="attachment_471034" align="aligncenter" width="500"]wishtrend black friday 2020 insert image 3 Keep Calm & Carry On Self Care Kit[/caption] To celebrate our long desire of travels and to get you ready for that day we'll finally be able to travel safe, Wishtrend is offering a special Carry On Self Care Kit for #wishtrenders all over the world! It is a silver mini travel pouch (yet large enough to fit not only your passport but up to 4 to 5 travel sized skincare produts) with 4 miniature of best sellers of Wishtrend and a special edition sticker so that you can have fun decorating the pouch or even your laptops and phones! It's only available in limited stock, so don't miss out on the chance to not only have a full routine available on the go but also to join the journey with Wishtrend!  3. GOODSKINAHEAD for extra 20% OFFIt's hard to discuss Wishtrend without special coupon codes! Wishtrend never misses the chance to reveal special codes to not only make your shopping experience more fun but also to make sure you leave with heavier shopping bag but with lighter wallet. Black Friday is the time of the year that we shop a bunch for holiday gifts and to stock up on our favorites so that we're covered for a good year ahead. Despite the discounts, we all know that when the shopping cart adds up, expense adds up... Black Friday 2020 Insert Image 4 The special coupon code for 2020 Wishtrend Black Friday is to help all of you get extra 20% OFF! If you've exceeded over $300, don't be startled or worried, becauase GOODSKINAHEAD will help you save 20% OFF  

      4. FREE SAMPLES are cuter than you imagined it to be!

      Free samples are definitely one of the best perk of shopping! You'll probably be familiar with how much Wishtrend is obsessed with sharing the good stuff for FREE whenever they have the chance to. From Wish, Try, Love to Brand Packages, you'll always find a way to try and test out some of the products that you've never tried before you get on board with the product. Black Friday is no exception for you to enjoy free samples. But guess what! 2020 Black Friday FREE samples are cuter than ever and will be right at your alley!  Wishtrend Black Friday 2020 Insert Image 5 The FREE sample comes in a shipping package style mini box specially designed for 2020 Wishtrend Black Friday by the amazing design team at Wishtrend! The mini sample includes 6 different sachets that can even complete a full skincare routine! You can find 6 different sachets ∙ Dear, Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel Saceht (1ml)∙ Dear, Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter Sachet (1ml)∙ Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner (3ml)∙ Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion (3ml)∙ Dear, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream (3ml)∙ I'm From Rice Toner Sachet (1g) 

      5. Shop & have fun with the NEW gif stickers on Instagram!

      And one last exciting news to help you enjoy Black Friday 2020 even more! Wishtrend on Instagram always wanted to come up with a GIF sticker for #wishtrenders to use, decorate and have fun with! [caption id="attachment_474836" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Wishtrend Black Friday 2020 Search for 'wishtrend' on Instagram's Story GIF search bar![/caption] 2020 Black Friday was the perfect oppportunity to come up with Wishtrend exclusive gif sticker on Instagram! With a fun theme set up for this Black Friday, you can now find 8 different gif stickers that is 'Wishtrend' and 'skincare' appropriate! Please feel free to use them however you want and don't forget to tag us on your IG story or IG post whenever you use them! We are excited to see how creative you can get with the very first gif sticker by Wishtrend!

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