Why Use Cotton Pad for Toner Application?

by Lorena Jimenez on Aug 10, 2018

  We can probably all agree that skincare is the conjunction of many different things.Taking proper care of it does not only imply using the right products, but also many different and at times, rather tiny looking aspects that could in fact, make all the difference. Things such as the order of the steps in which we apply skincare or the tools we use, could exponentially improve or decrease the effects of all our efforts.Many people search to invest in good products or expensive devices, such as face brushes or massaging tools, but most consumers still give little to no thought to one of our most used instruments on daily skincare, the cotton pads. Cotton pads can in fact be considered very trivial and even lacking importance on the skin´s final outlook, but the reality is that the choice, usage and quality of pads will play a very distinct role on your complexion. So if you are one of those people that are currently asking themselves the "why use cotton pad for toner application", this might make you reach a final conclusion on the topic.  

1. Cotton Pads vs No Cotton Pads

  The use of cotton pads on grooming routines is definitely not a new concept. In fact, its use is a widely extended habit, used generation after generation in many households. Most people would be able to recall instances of their grandmas or mother using cotton pads while growing up, but nowadays things are slowly changing and not using cotton pads seems to be a new trend.Techniques like applying toner with the hands, are becoming more mainstream, which has made the average skincare consumer confused about the place cotton pads should hold on their own routine.As a first point on the why use cotton pad for toner application,, we should learn that the use and results of toner when using cotton pads, is very different in comparison to when applied with the hands.If we are just meaning to give hydration on clean skin, hands can be more than enough, and at times even more suitable for applying toner or products of similar consistency. The biggest difference comes when the toner application also plays a small part of the skin cleansing process, in certain situations like night cleansing specially after wearing make up, the toner step can also help get rid of any remaining waste that might have stayed behind after cleansing, on those cases, the use of cotton pads is a must.The question of why use cotton pad for toner, gets easily answered on this case being the cotton pad the helping tool that glides the product along the face to not only provide the needed hydration, but also a small exfoliation that will wipe any left over product.  

2. Stigmas around Cotton Pads

  While some people love to use cotton pads, others seem to avoid them at all costs claiming they can further sensitize the skin. In fact, it is true that certain types of cotton pads could cause irritation, pull on the skin and even absorb an outrageous amount of product. Which will be the case when choosing the wrong kind of pad. That is why as always, the quality of the chosen tool will be one of the main factors determining the results.A wrong cotton pad can irritate your skin, but the right quality and type of cotton pads will exponentially improve your skin care game, helping you get better results and even help you reduce the quantity of product you tend to use.Factors such as skin type should also be considered when choosing the right cotton pads and its usage should accordingly reflect the skin type of the user as well. As an example, oily or combination skin types can really benefit from the use of pads, whereas sensitive skin types should be a bit more careful and use them accordingly to their skin needs. Those are reasons why use cotton pad for toner application is key but what other uses can I give cotton pads?  

3. One Products Multiple Uses

We already clarified that cotton pads are perfect to provide a gentle exfoliation and remove the excess of impurities, in cases even transferring product onto the skin without any waste, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Because these are also some of my favorite uses for this beauty tool : 

- Makeup Removal :

Pads are a great makeup removal tool, not only during the step of toning, but specially for eye make up. Many people have stopped using pads on exchange for cleansing oils, but even when using cleansing oils, letting a soaked pad rest on your lids for a couple of seconds can ease the stress, that make up removal can cause around the eye area. 

- On the go pads :

If your skin gets extra sensitive you can pre soak cotton pads in toner or essence and carry them around with you in a small ziplock bag and use when your skin most needs it. Same for make up removing, if going on small trips or sleep overs, avoiding to have to carry the full bottle. 

- Face and eye mask :

With DIY masks, essence, toner, green tea or many other concoctions and a couple of cotton pads. You will be able to create a sheet or eye mask in seconds, masks catered to your specific needs and the best, masks that will literally cost you cents. For this type of masks I love using products like [BY WISHTREND] Multi Function Cotton Pads that absorb a good amount of product to dispense hydration for longer. 


Multi Function Cotton Pads



- Beauty sponge :

I have already shared this little secret of mine on a live, but you can get a similar effect to a beauty sponge or a silkworm cocoon by using pads. With the sponge pad of [KLAIRS] Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad and some cream or foam cleanser, I like to massage any needed areas, to help fight against blackheads or any other pesky impurities. 


Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton pad


  Those are all the reasons why use cotton pad for toner application can be key. As well as all the other uses you can give to this many times neglected beauty tool. Now that you know how many uses you can give to such a tiny tool feel free to experiment to see what fits best your skin needs.

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