Why Men Tend to AVOID Using Sunscreen

by Lauren on Mar 20, 2023

Why men tend to avoid using SPF

Skin cancer can affect people of all genders, races and ages but data has shown that men may be more at risk due to a combination of genetics and lifestyle choices. Whilst many women using daily skincare and makeup have SPF built-in to these products, the same cannot be said about the average male skincare routine, with a third of men surveyed by admitting that 40% have never tried skincare products designed for men.

us men spf usage rate

Aside from skincare, and looking towards sunscreen: in the US, statistics showed that nearly 39% of men rarely or never use sunscreen compared to 28% of women. According to another survey: only 18% of men use sunscreen on their face or other exposed skin when outdoors, in the sun and only 14% use sunscreen on both their face and body.

possible reasons for it

WHY Is This?

Whilst some men may think that they do not need sunscreen and that their skin is not as ‘sensitive’ as women’s skin, with one survey finding nearly two-thirds of men believing that women’s skin is more sensitive to UV rays. However, the reality is in fact the opposite, with men’s skin being more likely to be damaged by UV rays due to the genetic makeup of their skin.

Men do indeed have ‘thicker skin’, however there is less fat beneath, with more collagen and elastin. These differences result in men’s skin being more likely to be damaged by the sun’s UV rays with research showing that men’s skin reacted more intensely to UV rays than women’s.

As well as this, the areas of the body most common melanoma sites also differ between men and women, with men being affected on the head, neck and abdomen and women being affected on the arms and legs.

Not ONLY Sunscreen Can Help

Whilst using sunscreen is, of course, a fantastic way to protect oneself from harmful UV rays, for men especially at risk of melanoma on the head and neck, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, for example, can also aid in sun protection.

Simple and easy sun protection may be a great solution for men unsure about how to introduce SPF to their daily lives. Stick sunscreens offer easy application and effective sun protection.

product recommendation

Stick Sunscreens:

1) KAHI Aqua Balm SPF, 50+ PA++++

Contains natural Jeju fermented oils which prevent oily skin, collagen aids in anti-aging effects of sunscreen

2) Benton Mineral Sunstick, SPF 50+ PA++++

Offers mineral sun protection thanks to titanium dioxide, formulated with hyaluronic acid for hydration and a great sun protection for sensitive skin.

Overall, knowledge and education of these differences is paramount for protecting the public from risk of skin cancer. If the risks associated and education in preventing sun damage is more well-known, sunscreen usage habits of not only men, but everyone can hopefully improve and reduce the ongoing increase in skin cancer patients.


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