Why Clay Soap is the Answer to Your Oily Skin Cleansing

by Gina Myung on Nov 06, 2018

During our last edition of ‘What’s New’, we shared with you guys the exciting release of the Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence, perfect for the summer months. But today, we have an even more exciting product to share with you!
Almost two years since their last product release, Jungle Botanics has finally come back with exciting news. Introducing, The Ecru Clay Soap. The Ecru Clay Soap is a bold yet delicate soap formulated with Amazonian clay. For those of you that was on the search for their next go-to cleanser, and for those especially oily skin, read more for a deeper look at the new Jungle Botanics soap!
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The Jungle Botanics Story

Jungle Botanics brings the vitality of the nature combining superb ingredients directly from Mother Nature with advanced technologies, to replenish the body and mind. Their mission is to use these elements found in nature to revitalize the natural energy and balance of the skin in turn restoring it back to its natural, healthy state. Their mind, but powerfully effective products are fortified with natural ingredients that work to replenish, restore and care for the body and mind.

A new approach to soaps

Each soap bar is delicately made through a rebatching process, also known as a hand-milling process, which helps to increase the amount of clay in each bar of soap to the maximum level, and effectively add delicate additives that could be ruined by alkalinity.Among all other clays that could have been selected for this clay, the Ecru Clay Soap is formulated using Amazonian Green Clay, also known as ‘Kaolin clay’, as it is rich in Montmorillonite, which helps to remove residues and impurities from the skin. The clay works to absorb excess oil from the skin to control sebum secretion and clarify the pores by dissolving unwanted oil, helping minimize the appearance of pores. It can be used as a regular cleanser for the face and body, and you can even use the rich bubbles it creates as a skin purifying face mask.

[JUNGLE BOTANICS] The Ecru Clay Soap

The Ecru Clay soap is a powerful yet delicate soap formulated from Amazonian clay that has a rich and creamy lather that helps remove impurities, makeup residue and oil to clarify the pores from deep within, and control sebum secretion. Formulated with 17.5% Kaolin clay from the Amazon, this soap contain 10 times the amount of clay in other conventional soaps. Also included is a multi-use 100% linen pad that can be used to amplify your shower experience. It can be used as a soap holder, or even as a cleansing pad to gently exfoliate the skin for a refined skin texture.

The very first impression of this clay soap with frothy foam!

Check out detailed information and first impression on Jungle Botanics new arrival 'The Ecru Clay Soap' on Wish Beauty Lab! Before you get into this pampering soap bar that will enhance your cleansing and shower experience, get to know about it first! 
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Actual reviews from staffs at Wishtrend

"Totally changed my thoughts on clay!"
Even though I have oily skin on my t-zone, I was a little bit afraid to use clay on my skin since I also have sensitive skin. However, as soon as I tested this 'ecru soap', it totally changed my thoughts on how I view clay and soap! Thanks to the frothy foam, it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped off with moisture but rather leaves a comfortable finish yet with a fresh purified effect on the skin! Love it, and love that it is aesthetically pleasing!
- Jane, Designer at Wishtrend
"Never have I ever seen a clay soap with 17.5% of CLAY!"
My skin is extremely oil and have casual breakouts here and there since my pores get easily clogged. Clay has always been one of my favorite ingredient to hold on to and I have done quite a lot of researches on products that include clay. BUT! I have never yet seen a clay soap with such high percentage of clay! So imagined this clay soap to be really strong on the skin but this creamy frothy foam couldn't make my cleansing experience more pleasing than ever! I'm just so excited for our customers, especially those with oily skin to try them out ASAP!
- Fenny, Contents Developer at Wishtrend TV
"My face and my body is in love with this ECRU CLAY SOAP"
I had to try and test out this ecru soap before it officially launched on Wishtrend but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with this instantly. Unlike some other products that I have to be patient and test out the product for weeks to see results, but this baby gave me the finish and the effect that I was expecting instantly. I use it twice a week (considering that I have normal yet a little oily t-zone) specifically on oily parts of my face and after use, my skin feels fresher than ever and I can visibly see that my pores has been cleansed clearly. Was recommended to use it on my body as well from the brand developer and oh my goodness I am loving it so much. The linen pad just makes my body cleansing experience better than ever.
- Wendy, Editor for Glam Black
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