What's the Most Important Part of Skincare? Remember This!

by Lorena Jimenez on Jun 13, 2019

What does it mean when your dermatologists or your search result on google tells you “make sure you give your skin the 'fundamental' care...! We kind of have a sense of what it is, but we aren’t exactly sure what they mean when they say ‘fundamental’ care. All we know is that it probably is something very important and crucial. However, everyone has different interpretation on what fundamental care is. Some consider cleansing fundamental, some consider antioxidant care fundamental. It's about time we come together and come up with a consensus on the word 'fundamental' care when it comes to our skin! So today, let me take this time to introduce you to what FUNDAMENTAL really implies. By the end of this read today, hopefully you’ll have an idea of what your dermatologist means when they tell you give your skin the “fundamental care” and also leave some notes and tips to keep in mind. 

Hydration, Repairing, & Prevention

 What's the Most Important Part of Skincare Insert Image 1 The very three words that you would want to take notes on: Hydration, Repairing, & Prevention. As long as you remember these three keywords, let me tell you, you are good with your fundamental care.  

A. The Importance of Hydrating & Moisturizing

 Yes, by now we all know that moisturizing the skin is crucial. But did you know that moisturizing and hydrating the skin mean something different? If we can take only one skincare to a stranded island, it'll have to be hydrating & moisturizing. So, how is it different? And why are these so fundamental? 1) Moisturizing the skin is more closely related to the oil leve;s of the skin, while2) Hydrating the skin is more closely related to the water balance of the skin. And because keeping the right oil-water balance on the skin is fundamental for healthy skin, it is important to keep both moisturizing & hydrating in check. We can say that these are the basic right of our skin. Our skin can get dehydrated very easily but no matter what the circumstance is, we should be careful not to dehydrate the skin because skin dehydration is one of the biggest cause of many different skin concerns from wrinkles and acne. That is why daily hydrating is very important, and it is important to hydrate the skin not just on the outer layer but also the deeper layer. And there are different ways to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Some love to soak their skin at the end of their day with a hydrating toner and night cream or a great moisturizer - or some adds a moisturizing sheet mask. But this is only restricted to time - but there is a way to keep skin hydrated all day long. Using a face mist. The reason why some are obsessed with mist (keeping it on their vanity, their office desk, net to their bed)  

"One good face mist can mean so much for the skin"

 What's the Most Important Part of Skincare Insert Image 2 There are many times when our skin feels dry and dehydrated during the day time and also that moment when the skin feel dry right after you come out from the shower. These are the moments when you need a spray of hydrating mist that you can just spritz over without using your hands or cotton pads. Good hydration levels are mandatory not only to keep a healthy water-oil balance and our skin well functioning and protected but also to help repair the skin and prevent future damage. 

B. The Importance of Antioxidants

 Another care that skin deserves to get is antioxidant care. Why? Because antioxidants alike with hydration are a great way to not only help skin repair but also prevent different skin concerns. We wish we live in a glass dome where our skin is not bothered by any pollutants, but that is not the reality. Our skin is constantly exposed to harsh climate conditions, chemicals and pollutants. But we also have to deal with external triggers like stress or lack of sleep. These are all the sources of skin troubles and damages. Antioxidants not only fight skin aging preventing and correcting any of its possible symtoms, but they also help repair the skin, prevent sun damage and even aids brightening dull skin and complexion. 

"Focus on the ingredients when it comes to antioxidant care"

 What's the Most Important Part of Skincare Insert Image 3 There are great antioxidant products out there in the market, but definitely suggest be more smart and picky about the ingredients your skin will get to meet and help with your antioxidant care. You can incorporate antioxidant care in different forms; sheet mask, essence, face oils, moisturizers and etc. What kind of product you wish to use matters less than the antioxidant ingredient that will work best for your skin. So test out and explore different ingredient and find out what will work best for you! Some antioxidant ingredients to take notes on: - Rice extracts- Ferment extracts- Green tea - Vitamin C- Kelp- and the list goes on! 

"Try to give your skin the fundamental care with premium formulas"

 Try to keep in mind the keywords mentioned above whenever you curate different skincare routines for different seasons or according to different conditions of the skin. And try to remember that skincare like many other things is not always about quantity, but more about quality, at least if you wish to achieve and maintain healthy skin.

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