The Vitamin C Serum Suited for All Skin?

by Lorena Jimenez on Oct 01, 2018

Hi guys, it is a beginning of a new month, and before we start a new month, wanted to start off by introducing you with one of our favorites on Wishtrend that would be the perfect item for you to try this month! Summer is over and even when many of us are not ready to let the lovely summer go, we are most definitely more than prepared to say goodbye to all those imperfections that summer might have brought upon our skin.Reversing sun damage is not always possible and when possible, it might not be a very easy task. But by choosing the right ingredients and products we can make sure to tackle all that pigmentation and sun spots that our fun summer might have caused us. That way, we can make sure to keep all those great memories on our Instagram feed and our phone camera roll, without letting them tarnish our skin. Helping the skin recover from the summer sun rays is a great start to not only get the skin back on track but to also start making your skin the perfect canvas for the rest of the year.The Vitamin C Serum Suited for All Skin Article Insert 1

A Vitamin C Serum that Suits all Skin Types

As you have seen from the title our October “Montly Pick” is the [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, and you know what that means. Today we are not here to share only the basic boring facts that you might already know about vitamin serum, but share with you exactly what makes that product so special along with the tips and tricks on how to use it best.So, here we go:

1. Texture

The [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is a soft vitamin C serum, aimed to be able to treat, even the most sensitive skin types. If you have ever used it, or you have watched any videos featuring this product, just by the look of it, you might imagine that it is oily & sticky (just like many other vitamin serums out in the market) BUT! Do not let this fool you, once you actually try it, you’ll be surprised by its not oily and not sticky finish that spreads out and absorbs evenly due to its great consistency. And because of how the product glides perfectly, it is a great product to spread evenly across the face without irritation. A bonus factor that makes this vitamin serum even more attractive is that it will quickly absorb into the skin leaving no residue. And you know, the more comfortable it feels on our skin, the more we love it right?

2. Ingredients

The vitamin drop is well known around the beauty world, because of its brightening properties. Not only does it make the skin brighter and adds a glow factor, but it also helps with the overall skin texture. Some people even experience a reduction on the size of their pores or ice pick scars, this is all due to its ingredients. Ascorbic Acid in a 5% concentration is what helps minimize scars, lightly exfoliate and help with skin evenness. 5% is a concentration high enough to provide results without strongly irritating the skin, but in order to minimize even more the irrational factor, Centella Asiatica was added. A soothing ingredient that helps to strengthen the skin barrier and minimize irritation. Yuzu Extract and Broccoli Extract help giving an extra “glow” factor while Hyaluronic acid helps plump up the skin, making textural issues less apparent.The Vitamin C Serum Suited for All Skin Article Insert 3

3. How to Use - Basic

The use of the vitamin drop is very self-explanatory. It shall be used as a serum or active step in any skin care routine, that means in between the toner and the moisturizer step. This is to maximize the effects of the ingredients onto the skin while minimizing irritation. That being said I am going to add some extra tips for you. If you want to maximize the effect when your skin is already used to the product, you can apply it straight to the skin even before the toner, but always after a non-stripping cleanser. This will make the vitamin C absorb straight onto clean skin, which will make you see results faster. I recommend you to start doing this only after your skin is used to the ingredient, Vitamin C, in order to avoid any possible irritation. I got two more tips you should always keep in mind no matter how many times you have already been lectured on them. Vitamin C is a strong ingredient that is known to increase the skin sensitivity upon strong light, so make sure to only use this product at night. It will provide better benefits during this time and reduce skin sensitivity. And lastly do NOT ever forget the sunscreen when using any vitamin C products.

4. Smart Tips

The [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is great vitamin C serum to use on its own, but there is also a lot of ways you can use it to get some extra goodness up in there, here are my tips.1) Mix it upDo not be afraid to mix the product with different creams or toners to get the best consistency and strength to target your specific needs. If your skin is extremely sensitive, you can always mix it in different ratios with any soft and soothing creams, essences, mists or even toners in order to help introduce the product with minimal stress to your skin. You can start adding one or two drops into your cream, for the first couple of days and then increase the ratio until reaching your desired amount or until you can apply it straight onto the skin. Just make it sure the “mixers” do not contain ingredients like BHA, AHA … or any others that can potentially react with the vitamin C.2) Massage that skinOne of the best things you can do to activate blood flow into the skin, relax and depuff the face is to do small face massages. If you do this while applying the vitamin drop you will not only help the product absorb better, but also bring extra benefits while massaging your face with no amount of friction.3) Brightening at home maskYou already know you can make at home sheet face masks, by soaking cotton pads into a nice toner or essence and applying to the skin. Add a few drops of this vitamin serum to the mixture, in order to bring added brightening properties to your at home mask. And just like in the mix it up step, make sure not to mix with any potential ingredients that might react with the vitamin C. Enjoy your new at home glow up mask recipe.

4. Real Reviews

"ONE OF THE BEST BRIGHTENING SERUM!" I have been using this vitamin drop for almost 2 months everyday now. my acne scars/spots lighten!! I been using this vitamin drop together the vitamin E mask everyday twice a day. love it... I ordered my 2nd bottle of vitamin drop and the E mask after just using it for 2 weeks with seeing great result. this serum really way better than Sk2 genoptics spot essence. (after using 2bottles of sk2 spot essence, not seeing result... I gave up!) .-Aleen L*************"SOFT, SMOOTH AND BRIGHTER SKIN" This vitamin C serum in conjunction with the Klairs Vitamin E mask leave my skin sooo soft and smooth it's absolutely wonderful. I've also observed fading in my acne scars thanks to this vitamin drop product. It is like a somewhat thick oil drop [says the person who doesn't normally use face oils]. It does sting when you apply it but I've never had an irritated reaction - this is just the normal sensation of it working its magic and the stinging usually fades in about 5min. I highly recommend this product and the Vitamin E mask. . -Nicole S******"AMAZING FOR SENSITIVE SKIN" I have read many articles that say Vitamin C can be bad for extremely sensitive skin so I was hesitant to purchase this at first. This product almost feels like an oil so it is super gentle on the skin. There was no tingly feeling like I expected and it left my skin feeling smooth. I saw an immediate improvement in my skin's texture and my old acne marks. I use it every morning before my favorite Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence. When I get acne I put this on and it really helps with the redness. This is amazing and I am already on my second bottle..-Kendall D*******

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