The Story Behind the "48 Hours Special Wishtrend Black Friday Offer"!

by Wendy Kim on Nov 23, 2020

Black Friday Special Offer Insert Image Click here to check out the secret deals right now![/caption] Something very unsusal happened on Wishtrend this Black Friday 2020. Wishtrend's Black Friday has been famous for offering good discount rates and exclusive offers for years now. However, for 2020 Black Friday Wishtrend is upping the game with adding a 'Secret Deal' on top of their usual Black Friday deals! This is all thanks to Mehdi, our latest host on Wishtrend TV who had the courage to push this idea through, the amazing team at Wishtrend and Wishtrend TV to sit down for a long discussion, and the CEO of Wishcompany who granted the idea - but most importantly, it was all of the #wishtrenders out there who showed love and support to make this 'Special Deal' happen!  So, let me guide you through the journey of this special Black Friday offer and guess what, it's new, it's exciting and it'll keep both your vanity and your wallet full!  
    1. 1. How it all started

    It all started with Mehdi asking the team at Wishrend TV. "Does Black Friday discount rate have to be the same every year?” "What about we stirs things a little bit around here!?"
 Black Friday Special Deal Insert Image 1
Mehdi, as the latest host joining Wishtrend TV, had the boldness and the ignorance to ask such a question and surprise the team at Wishtrend. Being a #wishtrender himself before joining Wishtrend TV as the new host, he was able to think and process more like #wishtrenders saving to shop for skincare products with better deals and higher discount rates. The team at Wishtrend TV picked up on Mehdi’s idea and went ahead to ask the Wishtrenders which product they wanted to see get additional discounts. Wish, Try, Love boxes, sunscreen from Dear, Klairs and acne patch from By Wishtrend made it to the list and now it was Mehdi’s turn to negotiate with the stakeholders for higher discount rates for these products during Black Friday 2020.  

2. The negotiation

Realizing how much wishtrenders were looking for an opportunity to shop with higher discounts on Black Friday 2020, Wishtrend TV went ahead to set up the ‘day of the negotiation’.  Black Friday Special Deal Insert Image 2 Mehdi first had to talk through with the Sales Manager at Wishtrend to even discuss the possibility for a sudden change in sales plan and check on availability in terms of stocks. After hours of discussion with the Sales and Marketing rep, Mehdi and the team at Wishtrend managed to narrow down to selecting some of the products to give it a shot for negotiation with the CEO of the company.  [caption id="attachment_487848" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Black Friday Special Deal Insert Image 2 The moment of a successful negotiation handshake with the CEO Ryan captured[/caption] Considering how the pandemic has put a strain on the economy and many different businesses out there, Wishtrend’s decision to try something out of the norm in terms of sales and add extra discounts wouldn’t have been the easiest decision to make. However, Ryan wanted to reverse this challenge and think in the shoes of the wishtrenders who look forward to having the chance to stock up on some of their favorite skincare products during Black Friday. After hours of discussions and ideation, Wishtrend finally came up with the 48 Hours Secret Deals available for everyone.  

3. 50% and 60% for 48 Hours

So, there it is, “The 48 Hours Secret Deals”! Don’t forget that this special offer is only available for 48 hours (11.24 - 11.25 CST) and only available on!  
Black Friday Special Deal Information
 [caption id="attachment_487816" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Black Friday Special Deal Insert Image 3 Click onto the image above to enter the 'secret discount' page![/caption] 

List of products you can get with 60% OFF price: 

∙ Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream∙ Dear, Klairs Mid day Blue UV Shield∙ Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Body Soap∙ Dear, Klaris Rich Moist Facial Soap∙ Dear, Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap∙ By Wishtrend Clear Skin Shield Patch 

4. Don't forget the additional benefits

This pleasant surprise is exciting enough but don’t forget that there are still other benefits you could enjoy during 2020 Black Friday! So don’t forget to read the full 2020 Black Friday Shopping Guide to make your Black Friday shopping experience even better! 5. Check out the full video on Wishtrend TV

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