The Perfect Companion for Any Stage of Acne

by Lauren on Dec 20, 2022

Skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Finding the right skincare products for acne-prone skin can be a tough process, especially when there are so many on the market. Often, products made for acne-prone skin can cause irritation and even worsen skin conditions if they are not also suitable for sensitive skin. 

We're Here to Make Finding the Right Products Easy!

Acne is something that people can suffer from at any age. It has a variety of causes and can often flare up due to many external or internal factors. Taking care of acne-prone or sensitive skin is an essential part of the path to clear skin; be that prevention of acne, during a breakout, or after a breakout when dealing with acne scars.

Products with different properties are used for different stages of acne. Ways to help prevent acne include products for skin soothing and pH balancing products for maintaining the skin’s natural pH. During a breakout, products to reduce redness and clear skin whilst protecting the skin’s natural barrier are essential. If after a breakout, hyperpigmentation occurs or any acne scarring, products to help clear acne scars by brightening whilst still being kind to skin are great for reducing the appearance of acne scars.

The Correcting Post Acne Pigmentation Clearing Box is a great companion for any part of this journey. The products in this package consist of mild ingredients which are kind-to-skin, with soothing effects and allow for deep-skin moisture to help with any acne-related troubles you may be facing.

Items in this package include:

items in correcting post package
  • I'm From Rice Toner (150ml) x 1
    This rice toner includes 77.78 of rice extract which forms a protective barrier on the skin and aids in rebalancing dry skin. Although not limited to dry skin, it is also suitable for oily, sensitive dry and combination skin.
  • Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (35ml) x 1
    This hypoallergenic vitamin serum was made using stabilized Vitamin C to brighten skin complexion to wake up with fresh and clearer skin!
  • Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask (90ml) x 1
    This Vitamin E mask brightens the skin and is great for improving and preventing signs of aging. It can be used as a sleeping mask or a daily moisturizer.
  • Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (60ml) x 1
    This calming cream is ideal for sensitive skin, it calms and soothes the skin thanks to its ingredients such as Guaiazulene, a natural component extracted from Chamomile Oil and Centella Asiatica that hydrates the skin and relieves redness. This cream is perfect as the final step in any nighttime skincare routine!
  • Klairs All-day Airy Sunscreen (50ml) x 1
    This sunscreen protects your skin from harsh UV rays without a white cast. This sunscreen will protect your skin from darkening any acne scars, allowing them to fade more quickly. The texture is lightweight, giving a refreshing feel with no greasiness, perfect for everyday use as the last step of your daytime skincare routine!

This package also comes with FREE gifts!

free gifts in correcting post package

This box is a great skincare addition for acne-related troubles and the perfect companion for your skincare journey. Whether you’re looking to help prevent any further acne breakouts, reduce redness and irritation due to acne, or help to fade acne scars faster, these products will assist you on your way to clear your skin.

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