The Full Scoop on the Correct Way to Apply Sunscreen

by Gina Myung on Jun 11, 2018

Now that it’s summer, school’s out and a lot of you are probably excited to make plans to go to the water park, festivals, and enjoy some fun-in-the-sun with your friends. This exciting season brings changes not only to our wardrobe, but also our daily habits - bet you didn’t know that your skincare should be changing for the summer too. While it’s important to wear sunscreen everyday, it becomes so much more important that we do during the summer. Especially as a teen, it’s crucial that you start protecting your skin at this easily impressionable age from the damaging effects of UV rays. But, did you know that there’s a correct way to apply sunscreen? You’ll be surprised to know that you might be applying it wrong! Read on to get the full inside scoop on the correct way to apply sunscreen.  Watch the full video about " Guide to Korean Susncreen| What You've Been Doing Wrong with Sunscreen In Summer | Teen Beauty Bible”  

Why is sunscreen important?

 Just like its name, sunscreen creates a protective layer, or “screen”, across our skin to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun emits what are called ultraviolet rays - UV rays for short - that can cause serious damage to our skin if we don’t give it the effective protection it needs. UV rays are present 365 days of the year, even when it’s cloudy and cold outside, so sunscreen is an essential part of our skincare routine everyday. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, which each have their respective effects on the skin. (If you want detailed information on UVA & UVB, check out the video above). So regardless of whether you become red like a tomato, or become a golden goddess with the sun, you should always take the care to apply UV protection making sure we’re using the correct way to apply sunscreen. 

A quick guide to perfect sunscreen application

Now that you know a little about why you need sunscreen, and the science behind them, here are a few tips to know about the correct way to apply sunscreen.

1. Pay attention to the amount

The biggest mistake people make when it comes down to applying sunscreen is not applying enough. Using only a small amount of product can only create a thin protective layer on the skin, and might not even be enough to cover the whole surface area of the face. Just remember: the correct way to apply sunscreen is to apply in generous portions! - Tip: Squeeze out your sunscreen in a straight line along the two joints of your index finger to ensure you’re using the right amount.  

2. Prepare a clean slate

Sunscreen works best on clean skin, Make sure to prep the skin with a cleansing routine followed up by your favorite toner, serum and moisturizer to ensure that the complexion is evened out and protected for the day. This also prevents sunscreens from possibly clinging to dead skin, drying the skin out, or feeling uncomfortable due to a lack of hydration after cleansing.  

3. Re-apply throughout the day

As time passes, the effects of sunscreen go down, making it crucial that you reapply throughout the day. Even with a bit of sweat, some sunscreens can melt away, leaving the skin unprotected. As a general rule of thumb, apply a generous layer every 2-3 hours depending on how much time you spend outside in direct sunlight. - For those that don’t wear makeup: Get a lightweight, moisturizing sunscreen like the [COSRX] Aloe Soothing Sun Cream, and dab a generous amount back to the face, and apply using the makeup puff.- For those that wear makeup: Using a hydrating sunscreen like the [KLAIRS] Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion, apply in thin coats to the skin using your cushion puff. After doing so, going over it again with a makeup base that has SPF functionality for a final layer of protection. This also helps for sunscreen to last longer throughout the day.- For those with oily skin: Taking a bit of toner on a cotton pad, wipe away the areas with excess oil. Oil can erase sunscreen and cause it to clump, so making sure you prep the skin before reapplying is crucial. After prepping the skin, go in with your favorite sunscreen and apply another generous layer.  

4. Remove well by cleansing thoroughly

While sunscreen is great for the skin throughout the day in terms of providing effective protection against harmful UV rays., they can actually cause harm to the skin if they aren’t properly removed. Mineral sunscreens have micro-particles that can clog the pores if left for too long, while chemical sunscreens can affect the skin on a cellular level. As you would erase makeup, take a gentle cleansing oil, foam, or water of your choice, and double cleanse your sunscreen for a clean, fresh face.

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