The Best Calming Cream for Face: Klairs Blue Cream

by Gina Myung on Jul 25, 2018

Can you believe it’s that time of the month already? We’re back with our July edition of ‘Monthly Pick’, our monthly series during which we feature one amazing product to give you the inside scoop on what makes it so great.While we have to take care in making sure that our skin is provided the soothing care it needs after the environmental stresses it receives throughout the day, especially now that it’s summer, we have to take our precautions when going outside. The heat combined with the stronger UV rays mean irritated skin, redness, sensitivity, risk of burns and more. Just thinking about it can be stressful, and even painful. It would be great to have a product that can deal with this all at once, while calming soothing, and even helping to heal our skin, right? Well, if you’ve been looking for the If you’ve been looking for the best calming cream for face, then you’re at the right place! July’s Monthly Pick is a cult-favorite here at Wishtrend among you Wishtrenders and even Wish Staff for its calming formula that can soothe anything from acne, and irritation from burns, laser treatments, shaving and more!The Best Calming Cream for Face Klairs Blue Cream Article Insert 1

The Best Calming Cream for Face

We’re sure that by now you all got a sense that July’s ‘Monthly Pick’ is none other than the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream! We’ll be sharing in-depth details on everything about the blue cream from everything from it’s texture and ingredients, to the best ways to incorporate it into your routine for the best effects!

1. Texture

The Midnight Blue Calming Cream, blue cream for short, is a lightweight, lightly hydrating cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. Because it has less oil content and is less thick in comparison to other products of its nature, it has a comfortable wear, and lies well on top of the skin without pilling. People with all skin types can use the cream without worry as its lightweight formula doesn’t feel thick on the skin, or pose any risk in clogging the pores, actually making it a great nighttime sleep mask for its calming, soothing qualities.

2. Ingredients

The blue cream is specially formulated with Guaiazulene, a plant-based component extracted from Chamomile oil, which is naturally a dark indigo color, giving the cream its unique blue hue. This key ingredient has properties that calms redness and soothes irritation to help the healing process in the skin. It’s also powered by another soothing ingredient, centella asiatica extract. Also known as ‘tiger grass’, it promotes the regeneration of skin cells and fights scarring, making it no question that the blue cream is considered the best calming cream for face.The Best Calming Cream for Face Klairs Blue Cream Article Insert 2

3. How to Use

The blue cream makes a great addition to any skincare routine, and can be used everyday, or only when you feel you need an extra layer of calming protection. Unlike your conventional cream, because the blue cream isn’t formulated to be a moisturizer, simply apply an adequate amount of blue cream on top of your regular moisturizer for added soothing. As mentioned before, the blue cream’s lightweight texture makes it breathable for the skin, even when paired with thicker creams and moisturizers applied beforehand. Use it day and night to fight irritation, redness, and sensitivity for healthy, glowing skin.The Best Calming Cream for Face Klairs Blue Cream Article Insert 3

4. Smart Tips

The blue cream is great when just used on its own as a standard cream, but it also has a variety of other ways it can be used! Here are three different ways to maximize the effects of your blue cream.

1) Use as a calming sleeping mask

There’s a reason why people think the blue cream is the best calming cream for face. Simply perform your skincare routine as normal and finish with a thick layer of the blue cream to wake up to healthy, more comfortable skin in the morning. This is a great option for those dealing with UV damage, burns, laser treatments, post-shaving irritation, and more.

2) Use it in place of a pimple patch

Because the blue cream is formulated specifically to nourish and calm irritation, it also works to reduce the redness and inflammation of pimples and acne. If you don’t have pimple patches at home, just take a small dollop of the blue cream and apply it to the spot. As it dries, the nourishing, caring properties will absorb into the skin, while excess cream will dry and form a protective layer over the spot.

3) Use as a calming, DIY sheet mask

The great thing about this cream is that is pairs well with other products. If you’re looking for hydrating, calming relief, mix the blue cream with your favorite hydrating toner in a 1:3 ratio and soak enough cotton pads needed to cover the whole face in the mixture. Store them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before use, and apply as a DIY, at-home sheet mask for 15 minutes.

5. Real Reviews

We could go on for pages about the reason why we think the [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream is the best calming cream for face, but the blue cream’s reviews speak for themselves. Take a look at what people have been saying!The Best Calming Cream for Face Klairs Blue Cream Article Insert 4SKIN RESCUE I went to a country with different humidity for a week recently and my skin went very bad, with dry patches everywhere, sunburn,etc. So, when I came back home, I started putting on blue calming cream religiously at those areas that needed extra care. Within 3 days, my skin condition improved tremendously! I'm glad that I invested on this cream. Recommended plus plus plus.

-Nurul H*********

MIRACLE WORKER I got this as a part of the 'Acne prone sensitive skin kit'. I have dry, acne prone, reactive skin. I never thought I would like this product, but it turned out to be one of the best ones in the kit. It brings down any inflammation really, really fast and without drying out the area, which is usually a huge problem with me and spot treatments. I also use it after epilating and bleaching treatments and it soothes the area well and prevents any major redness that I used to previously get. My whole family uses it now because it works so well for post shave troubles as well. I will be buying this product again..

-Gauri M****

BEST CALMING CREAM EVER I've been using the I've fell in love with this cream. It really does its job in soothing and calming irritated skin. In almost a year I've suffered my major adult breakout and this beauty is slowly helping me to restore back my healthy skin. Though I still don't know what triggered my skin to breakout in that way I'm happy that I've finally found something that can help to calm, soothe and clear my skin.

-Lady S***********


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