The Best Skincare Products You Need on Your Vanity in 2022

by Gina Myung on May 24, 2022

With spring in full bloom, it's about that time of year we start our spring cleaning - that means clearing out your expired products from your bathroom cabinets and bedroom vanity, and replenishing your skincare collection with effective staple products you can count on for your skincare needs this, and the next, season. 
To help you add a spring to your skincare routine, we've rounded up the best products from two skincare brands you need to try. Before we introduce the individual products, let's take a moment to get to know the brands.

Skincare Unframed, elmt

 Breaking the conventional frames of skincare, elmt believes in the concept of "direct cosmetics". What does this mean? All products are personally formulated and developed by a team of researchers who strive to minimize the gap between ingredients and skin, brand and customer, problem and solution.

Simple but Enough, Dear, Klairs
Dear, Klairs believes in simplicity when it comes to skin care and strives to create products that help you live a well-balanced lifestyle. The brand's products are designed with safe, hypoallergenic ingredients and by only including the essential and excluding the unnecessary, Klairs range of products are suitable for those with all skin types, and can be relied on through all stages of life. 

Perfect for giving you that radiant spring dew, this duo for radiant, glowing skin replenishes the skin’s natural glow in two simple steps with the help of two superstar ingredients, niacinamide and vitamin C. This watery solution and serum pair quickly absorb into the skin, leaving behind a nourishing, hydrating layer that works to help you wake up to a brighter complexion the next morning.

elmt Skin Illuminating Solution: improves skin tone, reduces acne and strengthens the skin’s barrier with hero ingredients 10% niacinamide and 52% grape and pomegranate extracts. Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, helps visibly improve the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines, and dull skin. It reduces inflammation and even keeps skin smooth and moisturized for an overall brighter, healthier appearance. Antioxidant-rich grape and pomegranate extracts additionally boost the beneficial qualities of niacinamide.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: removes dead skin cells, improves dull skin tone and reduces the appearance of pores with 5% vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps defend skin from the visible impact of environmental stressors such as free radicals. Plus it's a dullness-diminishing agent that also has a key role in promoting collagen production, reducing melanin synthesis, and strengthening the skin’s lipid barriers to reduce dryness and prevent excessive pigmentation from scarring.

Great for:
✨Bringing back your skin’s natural dewy glow
✨Strengthening the skin barrier
Reducing inflammation and swelling
Promoting effective scar healing


Calm on Cica!

With the beautiful blooming flowers, springtime also brings a higher levels of pollen and airborne irritants. Whether you're experiencing irritation from allergies or just have all-around sensitive skin, keep calm and glow on with this soothing duo designed to keep redness, sensitivity and irritation at bay. This soothing getaway your skin needs, this set excludes unwanted extras like artificial fragrance and colorants that don’t play well with easily irritated skin. With the help of centella asiatica and guiazulene, this lightweight solution and cream duo work in synergy to reduce irritation from the day, and restore your skin’s best version overnight.

elmt Advanced Calming Solution: delivers a calming, regenerative experience with hero ingredients 59.12% centella asiatica extract and polysaccharides. Centella asiatica, popularly known as "cica" or "tiger grass", is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ingredient that helps repair skin damage and promote collagen production for improved skin texture and tone. Polysaccharides derived from snow fungus mushrooms keep the skin comfortably hydrated while also ensuring the soothing, regenerative properties of centella asiatica effectively penetrate deep into the skin. 

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream: instantly calms redness, soothes irritation and heals skin with guaiazulene, a natural component extracted from chamomile oil. Its potent calming properties work in tandem with centella asiatica extract to promote skin cell regeneration, and fight scarring. Additionally, the cream's slight cooling effect provides immediate relief for irritated skin. 

Great for:
✨Providing immediate relief
✨Reducing redness and irritation
Fighting skin scarring
Repairing skin damage




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