Step by Step, How to Soothe Irritated Skin (Do It Right)

by Hailei Kim on Apr 01, 2020

[caption id="attachment_179545" align="aligncenter" width="500"]soothe irritated skin insert image Texture assembly of products of the Angry Skin Calming Package[/caption]I cannot emphasize the importance of skin soothing when you notice you have skin issues. Skin types and concerns differ amongst us, but it all comes down to 'skin soothing' because soothing and calming your skin is the very fundamental of treating any skin problems. Skin soothing care is necessary not only for those with extremely sensitive skin but also for those who need an emergency treatment for their irritated skin. Redness in your skin can can be caused by many reasons but one thing is for sure — it is an alert sign for you to change your skincare routine RIGHT NOW.
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A. Going essential oil-free with toner

You might think that essential oils provide you with beneficial compounds to treat your skin issues when, in fact, essential oil could trigger redness and irritation to your skin. This is not to deny the therapeutic, physiological effects of essential oils in skin care when applied right. Going essential oil free, however, is the first step you should take to soothe your angry skin when you cannot exactly pinpoint the cause of your irritated skin. Look for essential oil free skincare products and consider switching to the milder, gentler skincare routines for your sensitive skin.Hydrating toner is not an option but a must for those who want to get off on the right foot. Adding hydrating toner is an important step you must take after cleansing in order to soothe and moisturize your skin. Going essential oil free is much easier with toner because the toner would provide you with the moisture and hydration that you “think” you should be getting from essential oils. Applying toner can also be thought as an extension to your cleansing routine because toners are usually used after cleansing to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the residues and dust off your face. 

B. Strengthening skin with Vitamin C

If you think that cooling your skin is not enough and want to give your skin more power and energy, adding Vitamin C serum to your skincare routine could help protect and strengthen your skin. It is impossible to avoid our skin from aging and the pollutants in our everyday lives unfortunately speed up the process. With the help of Vitamin C serum, however, you wouldn’t be able to stop the aging process completely but absolutely slow the process. Vitamin C serum prevents your skin from aging by removing free radicals and makes your skin look younger and brighter by enhancing skin resilience. Because the main goal here again is to calm your angry skin and not to make it any more upset than it already is, you need to make sure to choose a serum with appropriate percentages rather than high concentration. Remember that greed will only further annoy your already irritated skin.

C. Cool down skin's temperature

Although toner is the very first step, it surely is not the very last. In order to soothe your angry skin, you need to make measures that are more efficient and effective. As serums are packed with rich ingredients that can treat specific skin issues, the right serum could cure your skin irritation right away. Along with providing moisture to your face with the hydrating toner, serums are effective for soothing your angry skin due to not only their moisturizing quality but also their cooling nature. Because skin irritation and redness can be hugely alleviated with the decrease in the skin temperature, water-based serums will definitely cool and calm your skin. 

D. Switch between soothing cream and calming cream

Redness in your skin indicates that your skin is, in fact, damaged and needs help. Cream may not be necessary in your daily skincare regimen but it is needed to speed up your healing process. Especially by switching between creams with soothing and calming effects, you can multiply its effect and efficiency. Then how do you know which cream is the right cream for you? Try to find creams that have centella asiatica extract or the ingredient ceramide. Centella asiatica extract is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, which can soothe your skin and prevent future acne.  Ceramides work as a strong moisture barrier for your skin, protecting your skin from pollutants and dehydration. When I have skin irritation, I have also found it personally effective to minimize my skincare routine temporarily, putting a stop to some of my regular skincare routines, but instead apply plenty of ceramide cream in soothing and healing my wounded, red skin.  

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