New Arrival! By Wishtrend’s Very First SPF, UV Defense Moist Cream

by KimArin on Jun 19, 2022



Under the same sun, together and separate

The frenzied revival of the Dear, Klairs sunscreen led to it being out of stock only after three weeks after its launch. Alongside this sunscreen, we have been brewing something as a little surprise for you guys for this summer. By Wishtrend’s first-ever SPF has just landed on Wishtrend as well, so make some space in your vanity! (And it will be Wishtrend exclusive for a week! So make sure to be the first one to get hands on it) 

Before moving on to details, there is something special about the new UV Defense Moist Cream. You will be able to experience the credible efficacy & beautiful texture of the exclusive formula created in collaboration with Amorepacific. 



It is an all-rounder sunscreen that protects the skin from harmful rays densely and reliably, with SPF 50+ PA++++

Even though it is By Wishtrend's very first time launching a sunscreen, having a huge community of fans, followers and customers, the brand was able to capture the feedback and the desire they have been noticing and archiving for a while on the ideas of SPF. 

And of course, By Wishtrend made sure to go through three rigorous UV clinical trials pre-launch to make sure everyone is getting the SPF they want and expected. 



Just to give you a quick introduction to some SPF lingos... 

• SPF (Sun Protection Factor) numbers indicate how well the sunscreen protects skin against UVB radiation. It is also an indicator of how much longer it takes skin to develop a sunburn with sunscreen applied compared to without sunscreen.

• PA (Protection Grade of UVA) numbers show how much protection you are getting from UVA rays. UVA rays are the most responsible for aging of the skin.

To ensure product safety and quality, By Wishtrend conducted tests at 3 different institutions: The Clinical Trial Center for Bio Industry at Semyung University, Global Medical Research Center, and Cosmeservice. The test results backs up the fact that the new UV Defense Moist Cream blocks not only UVA and UVB rays but also infrared rays and blue light. 


Fine Emulsion Dispersion Technology

For strong UV protection under any conditions, By Wishtrend’s UV Defense Moist Cream is formulated with both water and oil layers resulting in the perfect oil and water balance, The emulsified particles are broken down to make them adhere more closely to the skin. The hydrating formula and smooth application make this new sunscreen feel more like a moisturizer. 

 By Wishtrend

UV Defense Moist Cream


Main Ingredients 

 Panthenol (5,000 ppm) for moisture
Vitamin B5: an ingredient that attracts moisture from the stratum corneum of the skin, softens the skin, and protects the skin barrier
 Adenosine for well-aging 
 Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract for improvement of skin temperature 
 Deglycyrrhizinated Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract for improvement of skin damage caused by UV
• Beta-sitosterol, GreenTea Extract, Chamomile Water for calming and soothing • Homosalate
• Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate
• Ethylhexyl Salicylate
• Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine
• Terephthalylidene Dicamphor Sulfonic Acid




When it comes to sunscreens, the texture takes a big role in whether it is likable or not. No matter how good the formula is and how strong the protection is, if it is not suitable for daily application it won’t come in handy. The new UV Defense Moist Cream kills two birds with one stone. We already know that the formula is hypoallergenic, but also the texture is creamy and silky, yet lightweight and moisturizing. Even a thick layer of the cream can be easily spread evenly and smoothly on the surface of the skin. The hydrating formula leaves a non-greasy and healthy-looking glow but isn’t too overwhelming to be considered oily. It also absorbs quickly without leaving any white cast. 


In a nutshell, 

Those who are looking for a moisturizing sunscreen, those who are looking for a sunscreen that blocks various harmful rays, and those who want to experience the exclusive formula created in collaboration with Amorepacific should look no further and be the first to try By Wishtrend’s new UV Defense Moist Cream. 


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