Monthly Favorites May Edition: Wishtrend TV Subscriber's Favorite?

by Wendy Kim on Jun 17, 2021

monthly favorites may edition insert image Wishtrend is back with May Favorites Monthly Favorites and this time we are diving into some of Wishtrend TV's subscriber's favorite items on Wishtrend! We wanted to see what is hip and happening among #wishtrenders on Wishtrend TV and to share them with all of you to make sure you are ready for the rest of the half of 2021! Recap on the past monthly favoritesBefore we dive into May Monthly Favorites, here’s a quick recap on what made it on the Favorites list during the past 4 months of 2021. See if you have missed out on any of the favorites before we talk about serums and facial essence favorites!  • The Top 5 Best Sellers on Wishtrend | January Favorites Edition Monthly Favorites February Edition, Top 5 from @wishtrend Monthly Favorites March Edition: Best Selling Skincare Box• Monthly Favorites April Edition: Best Serums & Facial Essence on Wishtrend 

1️⃣. Mugwort Over Rice Toner on Wishtrend TV, the Mugwort Essence

When it comes to I'm From, the Rice Toner has always been the BEST seller from the brand, however, it seems like things are a little bit different! on Wishtrend TV! Mugwort Essence, made it #1 on the Monthly Favorites List for May and just like Rice Toner is a bottle full of plant based ingredient. Yet unlike Rice Toner, Mugwort Essence has been a holy grail for oily skin and acne prone skin thanks to the light watery texture with optimal hydration level. For those who keep their skincare routine and vanity smart, even make sure to have both the Rice Toner and Mugwort Essence at all times just so to switch back and forth according to different skin conditions and needs.  
mugwort essence shop now

2️⃣. A Staple for Skin Emergencies, Midnight Blue Calming Cream 

Third on the list is Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream that has been around for years now. It is often referred to as 'emergency cream' thanks to its property to calm redness, irritation and sensitivity. Centella Asiatica and Guaiazulene is what makes this calming cream so calming and even blue. Whenever @wishtrend posts a texture shot of this blue cream, the likes and comments go crazy - it is not only pleasing on the skin but pleasing to the eyes. Midnight Blue Cream comes in two separate size, 30ml and 60ml! If your skin easily gets sensitive, count on what our Wishtrenders had to say about it and give it a try. 
 3️⃣. Never missing a spot on Favorites, Rice Toner It wasn't surprising to find out that Rice Toner has made its way again on the top 5 monthly favorites list, AGAIN! Since its release, this hydrating toner has been many's favorite thanks to the ingredient 'rice' and hydrating yet light feel it is delivered to the skin. It was great to find out how many have enjoyed Rice Toner for its hydrating effect during the cold winter seasons but also generally improved dry and dehydrated skin conditions. Wishtrend recently curated a new Brand Package: Rice Healing Package consisted of all the products from the I'm From Rice Line - including the Rice Toner.  

4️⃣. Exfoliation Game Changer, Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water

Among By Wishtrend products, Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water has always been a long lasting steady seller! And of course It has made its way on the list. When this first made its appearance on Wishtrend, many wondered, what on earth is 'mandelic'? Simply put, it is almonds! With the acid found in the ingredient almonds, this toner make it a great first step for those with oily skin or anyone that is looking for a exfoliating toner that will give instant results. We've had many reviews from our followers on Instagram how it improved the texture of the skin by controlling the flakiness the next day of application.  
Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water

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