Monthly Favorites February Edition, Top 5 from @wishtrend

by Wendy Kim on Mar 04, 2021

february favorites insert image 1 You all loved our Monthly Favorites January Edition and we were excited to share you with the top 5 selling products on Wishtrend in the month of January! We've seen new releases lik the Rice Healing Package and some of our steady best sellers, Green Tea Powder Wash and Midnight Blue Calming Cream make it on the top 5 list. And now we are back with the Monthly Favorites Fabruary Edition!   [caption id="attachment_633403" align="aligncenter" width="500"]wishtrend instagram Follow @wishtrend for the latest release news, promotion information and special events![/caption] In this month, we were curious to learn what are some of our follower's favorite on @wishtrend, Wishtrend Instagram! We conducted a quick survey exclusively on Instagram and not only did we ask "what was your favorite product in the month of February" but also added a fun twist into it by asking questions like "what is one single skincare product you would take with you if you were to be stranded on an island?" More than 1,300 took time to join our survey, and we  So, check out the tops 5 that made it on the list among our followers on Instagram!  1️⃣. Guess we all expected, Rice Toner : 160 VotesIt wasn't surprising to find out that Rice Toner from I'm From gained the most votes out of all the products on Wishtrend. Since its release, this hydrating toner has been many's favorite thanks to the ingredient 'rice' and hydrating yet light feel it is delivered to the skin. It was great to find out how many have enjoyed Rice Toner for its hydrating effect during the cold winter seasons but also generally improved dry and dehydrated skin conditions. Wishtrend recently curated a new Brand Package: Rice Healing Package consisted of all the products from the I'm From Rice Line - including the Rice Toner. 
  ▶️ Read the detailed review on the I'm From Rice Toner 

2️⃣. Million Seller Vitamin C Serum, Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop : 101 Votes

Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop  made it second on the list for February Favorites among our followers on Instagram. This Vitamin Drop already having a great reputation as a million bottle seller item, it never misses a chance to be on the top of the list when it comes to serum products on Wishtrend. Those who have had the taste of this Vitamin Drop find it hard to switch their Vitamin C serum. It is not only loved as a Vitamin C product for skincare beginners and sensitive skin but for those who aims to treat acne, hyperpigmentation and antioxidant care.   
▶️ Read the detailed review on the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and how it helped with acne pigmentation 

3️⃣. Another I'm From on the list, Mugwort Essence : 73 Votes

There was another product from I'm From that has made it on the top 3 list of February Monthly Favorites: Instagram Edition! Mugwort Essence, just like Rice Toner is a bottle full of plant based ingredient. Yet unlike Rice Toner, Mugwort Essence has been a holy grail for oily skin and acne prone skin thanks to the light watery texture with optimal hydration level. For those who keep their skincare routine and vanity smart, even make sure to have both the Rice Toner and Mugwort Essence at all times just so to switch back and forth according to different skin conditions and needs.  
mugwort essence shop now

 4️⃣. A Staple for Skin Emergencies, Midnight Blue Calming Cream : 67 Votes 

Fourth on the list is Dear, Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream that has been around for years now. It is often referred to as 'emergency cream' thanks to its property to calm redness, irritation and sensitivity. Centella Asiatica and Guaiazulene is what makes this calming cream so calming and even blue. Whenever @wishtrend posts a texture shot of this blue cream, the likes and comments go crazy - it is not only pleasing on the skin but pleasing to the eyes. Midnight Blue Cream comes in two separate size, 30ml and 60ml! If your skin easily gets sensitive, count on what our Wishtrenders had to say about it and give it a try. 

5️⃣. Exfoliation Game Changer, Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water : 59 Votes 

Wishtrend's very own brand By Wishtrend has made it on the top 5 for the month of February! It is the Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water. When this first made its appearance on Wishtrend, many wondered, what on earth is 'mandelic'? Simply put, it is almonds! With the acid found in the ingredient almonds, this toner make it a great first step for those with oily skin or anyone that is looking for a exfoliating toner that will give instant results. We've had many reviews from our followers on Instagram how it improved the texture of the skin by controlling the flakiness the next day of application.  
Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water

 *️⃣ And yes, we asked the obvious yet a very important question...

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