Meet elmt, the Science-Based Skincare Brand Creating Effective Skin Solutions

by Gina Myung on May 05, 2022

 Today's skincare market is saturated with ever-changing trends. While it’s easy to succumb to the influence, more often than not, these products end up staying in the back of our vanities because they don’t target our skincare needs. To put an end to this cycle, elmt was born. elmt’s roots start in a research lab, where they continue to grow with their team of researchers at the lead. Just as doctors personally treat their patients, elmt’s team of researchers personally work to research and develop science-based skincare solutions for your skin concerns.  Since their recent launch in April of 2021, elmt is hoping to change the way people look at skincare.Click here to learn more about elmt, and read on to learn more about what you can expect from the brand.


Direct Cosmetics

The name "elmt" comes from the word "element". Similar to how the word was simplified to only the four most essential letters: e-l-m-t, elmt gets to the point when it comes to creating effective skincare solutions. At elmt, the team skips all the excess fluff like so they can focus on the nitty gritty - your skin, your skin concerns, and how they can help.  Their philosophy of Direct Cosmetics is highlighted in the brand’s mission to minimize the gap between problem & solution, our researchers & you, and ingredients & skin. Their no-frills approach to developing their products is a testament to this fact.  

Skincare Unframed

As their slogan, "skincare unframed", suggests, elmt strives to create products using an approach never before seen in existing skincare. By approaching skincare as a tool to deliver ingredients, or “elements”, to the skin, they’re able to break away from the conventional frames of skincare. What are these frames, you ask? • Toner, serum, cream = frames surrounding texture• When, how, what order = frames surrounding usage• Eye-catching ingredients = frames surrounding image By removing such frames, elmt is able to pioneer effective solutions for skincare problems that still need solving. No trends. No outside influences. Just pure, effective skincare.

Introducing #frameless Solutions

For their first launch, elmt wanted to showcase a series of skincare solutions that cater to four specific skincare concerns: sensitivity, fine lines, dullness, and flakiness. Formulated to provide targeted skincare solutions, elm't #frameless solutions made their debut. While their watery texture is similar to that of conventional toners, #frameless solutions are exactly what their name suggests - solutions. Designed to penetrate deep into the skin with their lightweight, fast-absorbing texture, elmt solutions effectively deliver the beneficial properties of each ingredient directly to the skin.  Furthermore, each solution seamlessly works with any skincare routine to better tackle target skin concerns. Because their formulas are designed to work in synergy with one another, you can also choose to mix multiple solutions to better tackle your unique skin concerns.   

01 | Advanced Calming Solution

  The Advanced Calming Solution heals and soothes sensitivity and irritation. Enriched with more than 59.12% Centella Asiatica extract, known for its skin reparative properties, and snow fungus-derived polysaccharides, which keeps skin moisturized and comfortable.   

02 | Skin Activating Solution

  The Skin Activating Solution reduces inflammation and irritation for an overall healthier, stronger complexion by combining the powerful antioxidant properties of 14.7% Chinese skullcap extract and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of 58% of green tea extract. The antioxidant-rich formula also works to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   

03 | Skin Illuminating Solution

  The Skin Illuminating Solution brings back the skin's radiance thanks to 51.91% grape and pomegranate extracts, which are rich in antioxidants, and 10% niacinamide, which also helps reduce dullness, create an even skin tone, reduce acne and strengthen the skin’s barrier.   

04 | Gentle Exfoliating Solution

  The Gentle Exfoliating Solution makes gentle but effective daily exfoliative care possible with the help of AHA and vitamin C, and an antioxidant-rich super berry complex (49.02% blueberry and raspberry extracts), which reduces inflammation and irritation, while also promoting cell turnover.

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