Lily Collins Skincare & Your Favorite Netflix Stars Skincare Revealed!

by Hailei Kim on Nov 12, 2020

It’s great that Netflix gives you so many options to choose from but sometimes the abundance can be overwhelming. If you are a huge fan of one show, watching the show you love one more round could actually give you a peace of mind in that situation. Already a fan of those Netflix originals like Emily in Paris and Stranger Things? Then you should not miss out on how your favorite Netflix stars are doing their skincare. Here I share with you Millie Bobby Brown, Lily Collins, Anya Taylor Joy, and Joey King’s own skincare tips. 

Millie Bobby Brown

millie bobby brown skincare insert image It is truly a magical moment when the cameras go off and Eleven from Stranger Things become Millie Bobby Brown. Millie is definitely a teen idol -- All the stars know her and they all wanna be her. She has once again proven herself to be the style icon of Hollywood, successfully launching her own cosmetics brand called 'florence by mills' 

•  Keep it simple with Mille

Mille keeps her skincare routine simple. She cleanses her face with a traditional foaming cleanser. Just to make sure she has completely removed all the makeup and residues off her face, she wipes her face with cleansing wipes. Then she goes straight to moisturizing her skin with cream type moisturizer and some facial mist.
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 While those who are much more familiar with the complicated K-beauty skincare regimen might have been surprised by Millie’s rather simple combination of moisturizer and facial mist, it is actually recommended for those who want to go on a skincare detox. By choosing the right product that has all the healthy ingredients your skin needs but keeping the list short could actually improve your skin condition if you have been overdoing it. 

Lily Collins

lily collins skincare insert imageWe cannot but fall in love with Emily as she boldly makes her way and builds her career in Paris. She’s adventurous, perky, and brave. Like her character, Lily Collins, the actress of Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris, has fun, bubbly skincare tips that she’d like to share with you all. 

•  Don’t be afraid to experiment with skincare tools

Lily’s skincare routine involves skincare tools like cleansing brush, face massager, lip brush. You can always use the good old skincare tools that you all have, a.k.a your hands, but using a cleansing brush that was professionally designed to offer a deeper, thorough cleansing could make your skin more radiant and smooth just by washing your face. Lily also likes to massage her face with a face massager that has facial rollers after she applied some facial cleanser. Her tip when using the face massager is to roll it outwards while making sure to hit all the lymphs.  

•  Moisturizing is the most important

Confessing that she has dry skin, Lily stressed the importance of moisturizing her skin after cleansing her skin. When you say moisturizing, moisturizers would automatically pop up in your head but Lily makes her skincare routine rich by using toner, serum, and facial mist. Having three steps to hydrate the skin, Lily does her skincare right by allowing each product to do what it does best. Toners are best when used first in the hydrating process because it gets rid of the dead skin cells and residues on the surface of your skin so that the products used after can be absorbed better.
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 Serums usually are packed with powerful components that could add moisture to your skin while boosting your skin resilience. Finishing off with a layer of facial mist will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin with a moisture barrier that will keep your skin hydrated for hours. 

Anya Taylor Joy (Queen’s Gambit) 

anya taylor joy skincare insert imageYou don’t know whether to be mesmerized by the child prodigy or her gorgeous skin when you are watching Anya Taylor Joy in Queen’s Gambit. While Anya’s gorgeous cheekbones and clear, light skin reminds you of an elf queen, she doesn’t do anything fancy with her skincare.  

•  Cleansing is never finished without toner

If you are a fan of Anya, you know that she takes her skincare very seriously. She cleanses twice, once in the morning and once before bed. The first thing Anya does after waking up in the morning is wash her face. In the morning, she keeps her cleansing regimen light and simple, finishing off with toner or a serum that contains witch hazel.
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 After a long day of being on set with thick makeup, she needs to do her skincare right in order to  wash off the tiresome day off her face. But again, toners play an important part in her nighttime skincare routine. In an interview with Allure, Anya mentioned that the secret to her skin is heated towels and again some toner. She soaks towels in toner and heat it in the microwave for a while until it is not too hot but warm enough to put on her face. By putting a hot towel on your face, you can let your eyes relax and at the same time naturally remove the dead skin cells.  

Joey King (Kissing Booth) 

joey king skincare insert imageAnyone who has followed the romantic journey of Elle and witnessed Elle’s personal growth could not have missed out on how Elle’s skin was even more glowing in the second season of Kissing Booth. During the summer in the midst of the pandemic, Joey King, the actress of the character Elle, confessed that she kept herself busy getting her skin ready for a perfect summer glow not at a thousand dollar spa but at home.  

•  Joey King’s Home Spa Secret Involves Exfoliation

Joey begins her spa (at home) by exfoliating the dead skin cells from her face with a traditional physical exfoliator. Although Joey jokes that using a physical exfoliator is “kind of gross” because you can actually see and feel the dead skin cells being removed from the surface of your skin, she also pointed out that part makes exfoliating more rewarding.
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 After exfoliating, Joey prevents inflammation and irritation by soothing her skin with aloe gel and eye patches that contain cucumber as its main ingredient. Your skin easily gets dry right after exfoliation so it is important you take enough time to moisturize. Joey does this by using toner and reparative emulsion. Spritzing some facial mist or adding a layer of toner that contains cucumber and aloe, you can really feel (and smell) like you are at a spa. 

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