Is Applying Sunscreens in Winter Really Necessary?

by Janie Kwon on Mar 09, 2023

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Winter months make us feel like we are on a darker side of the world as sunlight is not as strong as summer, sometimes barely visible. This darkness may let us think that we won’t need to worry about sunburns, but this is totally a mistake. 


In fact, SPF over 50+ PA+++ is recommended even during winter because there are still UV rays damaging your skin behind the clouds. Even if UV rays are not beaming directly into your skin, they can still burn you by reflecting off the surfaces. 

So if you are wondering whether or not we should wear sunscreens during winter, here is the answer: YES, you should apply sun protectors 365 days year round! 

Best SPF 50+ PA+++ Sunscreens to Wear in Winter

Because continual exposure to sunlight can lead to wrinkles, reduced elasticity, aging, and in worst case, to a skin cancer, it is highly advised that you adapt in using sunblock at your last step of daily skincare routine. 

Since not giving you any information about what sunscreens will just make you close the window tab for the next Netflix series, I’ve brought a list of recommendations you might find valuable. 

moisture-like sunscreens

This product proves how sunscreens today are no more greasy and sticky. Of course it may vary from products to products, but at least All-day Airy Sunscreen is nowhere close to stickiness. Its water based texture makes it rather light in weight, making it feel as if you applied moisturizer!

The formulation of this sun cream follows as how it’s named: “aloe soothing”. It is formulated with Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, which Cosrx boasts of its lightweight and moisturizing texture along with soothing effects.  

This product is worth the name as you can literally get full protection against UV rays and hydration at the same time. It provides quadruple defense and also fills up the moist level so that it won’t be a big trouble even if you forgot the moisturizer step or sunscreen. 

The criteria for selected products above are collected based on how well it can protect the UV rays and replenish moisture on dry skin in winter. For those of you who aren’t really a fan of moisturizer-like sunscreen, check out the products below to find out your taste of sunblock. 

SPF Hidden Gems

Rovectin - Aqua Soothing UV Protector

Formulated with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, it protects your skin yet is even suitable for oily/combination skin.

I’m From - Rice Sunscreen

This mineral sunscreen contains Zinc Oxide to act as a physical barrier between the sun and your skin and does not contain any of the harmful chemicals listed above.

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