How to Prevent Breakouts Before A Big Day

by Claudia Christin on Feb 09, 2023

tackle acne before a big day

A big red zit has never been awaited for any occasion, but the urge to prevent them before big day would be off the roof. A major breakout before the big day can be disastrous and ruin our entire mood. Let us discuss further on how to prevent and also deal with the unwanted last-minute guest. 

prevent breakouts from happening

Prevent It From Happening:

1. Do not touch your face

Keep your hands off! Don’t touch or even try to pop your current pimple if you want to prevent your zits from recurring or if you don’t want to slow down the process of recovery. 

If you have a zit that is about to pop out, keep your finger away by applying a pimple patch instead. 

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2. Do not use/try new products 

We do not recommend you to try on a new product a month before any big day. Keep your true and tested product with you at all time.

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3. Do not use products with a high potential for irritation 

Say goodbye to a high percentage of exfoliators or any harsh scrub.  You just want to keep your skin barrier intact and protect your skin from any potential irritators.

4. Destress and relax

Stress releases excess cortisol and other hormones that trigger the overproduction of sebum, which will clog pores quickly and form acne afterwards. Destress, listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite TV shows or go on a hike!

5. Prepare your umbrella before the rain

It’s best to have yourself gear up and prepare for a benzoyl peroxide or spot treatment can help relieve redness, inflammation and hopefully reduce the bump on a big day. You don’t necessarily have to apply them as a precaution. Just keep them as your safety net.

when breakout is already happening

When It's Already Happening:

Let’s not cry over spilt milk and figure out ways to deal with it. 

1. Consider cortisone shot to reduce the size appearance and redness

Contact your dermatologist for a quick intralesional cortisone injection. It can immediately reduce the bump size, redness and hopefully be gone by the time you have to be the spotlight of the show. 

2. Use an at-home spot treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide or Spot treatment

You’ve got yourself ready as a prevention, now it’s time to make the best use of them. Apply your spot treatment on the area twice a day (or more if needed). 

DIY Skincare

Alternatives Ways to Deal With Under the Skin Inflamed Spots 

(although we won’t recommend it to be the first-line approach)

1. Apply a cold compress

It may reduce redness and inflammation in the area. Just put them for a good 30-60 seconds for 4 - 5 times with a small break in between. 

Ways to deal with pus

1. Use hot water and a cotton bud to remove pustules

Get no access to your dermatologist? If you spot a pus (yellow tip) on the lesion, you can use a q-tips and try to squeeze them gently! Sanitize the area with alcohol and then apply your favorite soothing cream to promote wound healing. 

2. Conceal with hydrocolloid

You don’t want to risk it with the q-tips? Hydrocolloid bandage will help you draw out any excess pus. You just have to leave them overnight and it will 

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