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by Hailei Kim on Jun 09, 2020

  Your skin also needs time to relax and detox as much as you do at the end of an exhausting day.Your skin deserves to be treated well but it does not mean that you can treat your skin nicely within a cost-effective budget. There is no need to get high-end therapy for your skin when you can get yourself the same effect for less than the quarter of an aesthetic skin care treatment from a clinic. Deep cleansing facial, explicitly indicated by its name, is a skincare routine that is intended to clean even your deep pores. Although it may require extra steps to do it right, it’s a powerful skincare regimen that works great for all skin types looking for a deep but gentle cleansing routine.   
  1. 1. Start with cleansing oil

Deep cleansing works best with cleansing oil. Don’t use just any type of face cleanser to remove residues and excess on the skin. In order to get deep cleaning right, cleansing oil is most recommended. Cleansing oil permeates into the deepest layer of your skin, clearing out the debris and sebum from deep pores. Cleansing oil is especially great for those with sensitive skin type because it guarantees a gentle cleanse at the same time leaves your skin feeling moist even after a thorough cleanse.  


Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil



2. Steam and get your pores ready

Before cleansing your skin, wash your face with warm water. If you can afford to go the extra mile to get close to baby-smooth skin, open your pores using steam. First, boil some water and place your face over the steaming water for no longer than 10 minutes. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly with a towel over your head so that it creates a tent that can capture the hot moisture. While cleansing, focus on areas where you have excessive sebum and make sure that you don’t miss crevice areas on the face like around the lips, the nostrils and side foreheads.  

3. Pore cleansing with sugar scrub

Exfoliation is an important step that you cannot leave out from deep cleansing. By getting rid of the dead skin cells from your skin, exfoliating works as a preventive measure for acne. After exfoliation, you will notice that your skin is left feeling soft and even-toned. However, do not get too addicted to this feeling and add exfoliation to your daily skin care regimen -- once or twice a week is enough to make your skin look younger and refreshed. Black sugar has been one of the most loved skincare ingredients and K-beauty has also undergone a black sugar craze. Black sugar, packed with vitamins and minerals, has also swept the feet of even the pickiest K-beauty fans with its amazing benefits. Black sugar scrub is an effective exfoliator that can double as a moisturizer. The sugar grains will effectively remove dead skin cells and the vitamin B in black sugar creates a protective barrier around your skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin, adding one pump of cleansing oil to the black sugar scrub will make the exfoliation process smoother and gentler. 


Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish



4. Replace your normal cleansing foam with a charcoal soap

There is also an easy trick you can pull out your sleeve on your busy days when you just can’t make the time to do all that. Simply switching from a normal facial cleanser to charcoal soap could cleanse your deep pores. Activated charcoal is known to detox, clear, and purify your skin. Charcoal soap is especially beneficial for acne-prone, oily skin because charcoal effectively absorbs the excess oil and sebum from your skin and reduces the size of your pores. Compared to foam cleansers, charcoal soap reaches deeper into your skin and frees up clogged pores whereas a foaming wash may focus only on washing the makeup and impurities from the surface of your skin. 


Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap


   At the end of all these deep cleansing, hydration is the finishing touch that you need to make your deep cleansing facial at home just as perfect as the one you would get treated by an expert.  


Gentle Deep Cleansing Set


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