How To Find The Best Sunscreen Depending On The Weather

by Bettina Miski on Mar 27, 2023

sunscreen by weather

Okay, so you already got it down that sunscreen isn’t just a trend for sunny days, but should be part of your daily routine no matter the season. But do you know how to pick the right one depending on the actual weather conditions? We are here to help you, so you can ensure sun protection regardless of wind, rain, snow, or the upcoming humidity.

sunscreens to wear on sunny, rainy and humid weather


When heading toward the warmer months, you probably switch your heavy moisturizer to something lighter, right? That’s a great start for selecting your SPF as well! A lightweight formulation can feel refreshing on the skin while helping you avoid the greasy feeling of the heat. During the summer season, we recommend radiating more toward chemical sunscreens. Simply because mineral products offer protection by sitting on the skin’s top layer, which you are more likely to sweat and wipe off on warm days. Klairs All-day Airy Sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA++++) ticks off all these points and also has non-comedogenic properties so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores either.



A little (or a lot of) rain won’t stop you from going outside? The way you won’t hide inside, the UV rays won’t hide behind the clouds either. So no, you shouldn’t skip sunscreen. On these days we recommend choosing a product that absorbs quickly but doesn’t wear off that easily. Or even look for water-resistant properties when checking the label. Cosrx Vitamin E Vitalizing Sunscreen (SPF 50+) ensures effectivity with its two layers of protection so it’s specifically recommended for those who enjoy outdoor activities—even on a rainy day.



Certain locations, and certain times of the year simply just can’t avoid the humidity of summers and monsoon seasons. Picking the right skin care products is especially challenging when your skin feels sticky the moment you step outside. For these days lightweight gel-based products could be a great choice as they absorb quickly, and leave the skin hydrated without a sticky finish. Besides providing high protection, the formulation of Isntree’s Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel (SPF 50+ PA++++) will also soothe your skin from the heat, and that’s a win-win in our books.

sunscreens to wear on snowy, windy and work-from-home days


That moment when you're blinded by the sun’s reflection on the snow and ice? UV rays also bounce back from the surface in the same way which can easily cause sunburn if you’re not paying attention to sun protection. Physical sunscreens work with minerals that act like a protective layer on top of the skin, bouncing back those rays. Resulting in a more effective solution for snowy days than chemical products. Rovectin Deep Moisture UV Protector (SPF 50+ PA++++) is a rich and moisturizing option that will also help strengthen your skin’s barrier against intense cold. And if you’re planning a ski trip in the mountains, you should also consider the altitude. Further you are from the sea level, the more intense the sunrays get. So yes, strong sun protection is just as important for a winter holiday as for your beach getaway! If you drop the Kahi Aqua Balm (SPF 50+ PA++++) stick in your bag you don’t even have to take off your gloves to reapply sunscreen during the day.



Yes, windy conditions do affect your skin. And not just when it comes to dryness or redness. When the wind weakens the outer layer of your skin, it also lowers the power of its natural protection against UV. Keeping the skin hydrated is essential in windy weather to avoid irritation. The pairing of Centella Asiatica Extract and Hyaluronic Acids in Skin1004 Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum (SPF 50+ PA++++) gives this sunscreen both healing and hydrating properties. Making it a perfect fit for a windy day.



You don’t feel like leaving the house? Unfortunately, most windows won’t protect you from sun damage. That being said, sunscreen is important even on those days you’re staying indoors. Mixsoon’s Centella Asiatica Sun Cream (SPF 50+ PA++++) is a perfect lightweight, non-sticky option for days you work from home. And if you have sensitive skin, Thank you Farmer Safe Sun Fluid AGE 0880’s (SPF 50+ PA++++) mild formulation is also a nice choice. Both are moisturizing enough for a great and lazy morning routine before officially starting home office hours. 

And you can pick either one as part of one of our new SPF sets, Safe Inside & Outside.

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