How to Detox Skin at Home with Mugwort in 4 Steps

by Hailei Kim on Jul 17, 2020

Every once in a while, I go on a detox diet when I feel that my body has been heavy and lethargic. Whenever I feel that it’s time for me to cleanse my body, I use my weekends to make myself a healthy green smoothie, using organic produce, and only drink the smoothie for one or two days. Detoxing removes all the harmful toxins that have accumulated throughout the week. You also might have heard of detox juices and detox diets that help you cleanse your body. how to detox skin at home insert image 1Skin detox, however, seems a little less familiar and, for some, the very idea of skin detox and its procedures could be impossible to imagine. I mean, is it even possible to ‘detox’ your skin when the skincare products are, in fact, artificially manufactured chemicals no matter how beneficial it may be for your skin? Do you mean that I have to only use natural products that contain no chemical ingredients? Skin detox does not require a handful. By understanding how skin detox actually works and what it’s all about, you can even detox your skin at home.

So what exactly is skin detox? 

As I mentioned, skin detox is not all that complicated. It’s a simple skincare routine that you could even do at home. Skin detox means that you cleanse your skin by removing impurities, pollutants, residues, in other words, all the toxins from your skin. When it comes to skin detox, it is important to break out of unhealthy daily routines to allow your skin to let out the toxins and start the cleansing process. So skin detox is not only restricted to a cleaner skincare routine but encompasses healthy habits throughout your day. For example, eating healthy snacks instead of candy bars full of refined sugar. Skin detox starts from within. The essence of skin detox is cleansing your skin from deep within by letting out the toxins that have built up inside. First by keeping your skincare clean and minimal, you are taking the very first step of skin detox. While switching to a more simple skincare routine, even to the point of putting a stop to all of your regular daily skincare regimen, you should only stick to the new regimen designated for detoxification. But the thing is, you need to empty out a week or so where you can really dedicate yourself and your skin to skin detoxing in order to maximize its effect. 

What do you need?

how to detox skin at home insert image 2

I'm From Brand Package: Skin Detox PackageSkin detox is all about keeping it clean and simple. Try to keep the list of the ingredients and products as short as possible. You can go many ways and have fun choosing the main ingredient that will be the core of your skincare detox, I will introduce an ingredient that has been proven most powerful - mugwort.


Mugwort has been loved by Koreans for thousands of years. While most Koreans know it as a common traditional food dye, when it’s used as a skincare ingredient, it can do so much more. In mugwort, there are anti-fungal, antibacterial properties that fight off bacteria from environmental pollutants. You can imagine how it would be impossible to start detoxification if you are adding to the pile of already accumulated impurities that you are trying to get rid of. It also gets rid of dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, allowing the detoxification from inside out to have a more natural flow without any blockage.

Now what? 5 step skin detoxification that you have chosen a great skin detox ingredient, it’s time to get the orders straight. Remember that these five steps are the recommended steps to help the detoxification and with skin detox it is NOT the more the merrier situation. 
  • 1. Thorough cleansing

The only reason I am adding ‘cleasing’ to the very first part of skin detox is because it is that important.
  • 2. Wash-off Mask

Right after you have washed off your makeup and cleansed your skin, it is a great time for wash-off masks. As you have washed your face with lukewarm water, your pores have not entirely closed up. Wash-off masks then permeate deep within and help the flow of the detoxification. Because it is critical that the detox starts from the deepest layer of your skin, wash-off masks should sit for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off again with lukewarm water. 
  • 3. Essence

Although many steps from a typical K-skincare regimen can be omitted during skin detox, hydrating your skin is something you cannot go over lightly. Your skin naturally loses moisture and becomes dry right after cleansing. Essence or toner is an indispensable part of even your skin detox to provide moisture to the skin.
  • 4. Sheet mask

We are going to set aside heavy and powerful skincare products like ampoules and serums during this period. Instead of adding powerful components to your skin, let’s focus only on detoxing. Sheet masks with the main ingredient that is intended to fight off bacteria or add soothe your skin will be the most effective. 
  • 5. Gel

Again, you don’t want to do so much and stimulate your skin during this period. Rather than cream-based products that use oil -in some cases, mineral oils known to cause irritation, gel-based products provide moisture without leaving any residues. 
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