How to Approach Skincare As You Get Older? Skincare According to Age

by WISHCOMPANY INC on Feb 24, 2021

They say you don’t get older, you simply get wiser. There’s a lot that comes with age -- generosity, understanding, and love. You definitely feel more comfortable in your own skin as you learn to learn to love your body but sadly the lessons you learn along the way do not stop your skin and your body from aging itself. Yes, you can absolutely love the way you look with shades of grey hair, your kick-ass smile lines, and your natural skin tone. Loving yourself and approaching skincare differently as we get older are two separate things.  skincare according to age-insert Anti-aging skin care is more than vanity. It is a way of taking care of yourself and understanding the changes to your body so that you can discover the perfect way to feel healthy inside and out. Changing your skincare regimen is just like eating healthy, cleansing, and meditating. It’s time to approach skincare more wisely now that you’ve become one year wiser.  

What happens to your skin as you get older?

 Signs of aging skin:
  • ✓ Dry skin
  • ✓ Wrinkles and fine lines
  • ✓ Loose pores
  • ✓ Uneven skin tone and/or hyperpigmentation
  • ✓ Takes longer to heal wounds and scars naturally
  • ✓ Bruises easily


Again, aging is just a natural part of life and the signs just happen to show in your skin. Mainly two factors are at play when it comes to skin aging: natural hormonal, biological changes to your body and your unhealthy habits. Among some of the unhealthy habits that might accelerate skin-aging includes not wearing any sunscreen so your skin is directly exposed to UV light, unhealthy diet and eating habits, and smoking.  


 Your skin is still young at this point and you may not even be experiencing the signs of aging skin yet. Feel free to dedicate your skincare regimen to a more individual and personal skin concern but make sure to take preventive measures before it all begins too fast, too soon. Creating a daily routine for healthier skin is a must. Always wear sunscreen before outdoor activities and remember to finish your day with a light layer of eye cream.  In your 20’s, finding the right cleansing routine should be your biggest skincare project. Depending on your skin type, see if your skin works best with a traditional foaming cleanser, gel-type, or oil-based cleanser. Just by doing your cleansing right, you are doing a whole lot for your skin already. 
 Also, try using antioxidants in your daily skincare to help combat the fight against environmental factors that cause premature skin aging. Vitamin C is an approachable antioxidant that is one of the most studied active ingredients in the skincare market. Even if you are not really concerned with anti-aging, using Vitamin C is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only can you stop your skin from aging but witness the magic of skin brightening and lightening with a single drop of Vitamin C. 


 In your 30’s, you may start to notice skin issues like discoloration and hyperpigmentation that hadn’t been an issue in your 20’s. Retinol, also known as vitamin A, tackles discoloration and hyperpigmentation most effectively by boosting collagen production. Retinol also mediates the healing process, helping restore skin cells, which makes it the perfect solution for uneven skin tone due to acne wounds. 
Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water
 Another healthy skincare habit you should stick to in your 30’s is frequent exfoliating. When I say frequent, I don’t mean often. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is enough. In fact, exfoliating too often can damage the surface of your skin and make it susceptible to irritation and redness. If your skin is more on the sensitive side, go for chemical exfoliators. Chemical exfoliators are actually less abrasive on your skin because it does not require physical scrubbing. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps tighten your pores by removing excess sebum effectively and prevent them from piling up in your pores.   


 Your 40’s is all about taking the skincare in your 30’s to another level. Fine lines that you started noticing in your 30’s have now become more pronounced and freckles and blemishes last longer before it fades. This is mostly because your skin loses its elasticity and thickness in your 40’s, making “resilience” the key to 40’s anti-aging regimen. This is when you may want to start going easy on exfoliation and strengthen your skin with lipids, fatty acids, and ceramides.  
 Ceramide consists of more than 50% of your skin and occurs naturally in your skin. However, as you get older, you may want to apply ceramide to your skin manually as your skin loses its potency to create ceramide naturally. Applying ceramide is like adding a protective layer that protects and revitalizes your skin. 

50’s and older

 Your 50’s should be all about moisturizing. As you enter your 50’s, you will notice dehydration in your skin soon after using a moisturizer. You need to find a way to moisturize your skin from within and add moisture often throughout the day using a facial mist. You might want to consider switching to serums and ampoules instead of the regular moisturizer if you are looking for ways to boost hydration. Habits like this go a long way.  
 Update your skincare with more moisture and hydration with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is the moisturizing queen. It moisturizes your skin from deep within, reviving dull and dehydrated skin. So you can still look young and refreshed in your 50’s with a little nudge from your good old friend, hyaluronic acid.

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