Here's Top 3 Best Face Wash for Acne!

by Lorena Jimenez on Jul 29, 2018

*If you want to see details of the product or shop the featured item straight from the article while reading it, click onto the image of the product or the name of the product. You can also check out the products in the featured product section below :)Acne, a very feared word in the beauty dictionary, one we wish we will never have to use when talking about ourselves. Described as a skin disease, in which different spots and blemishes will appear onto the skin and mostly present in adolescents or young adults, is probably one of the words that we hear the most when talking about skin care.However, acne has no age restrictions. Adult acne is a real thing. It does not matter if you are a teenager, a young adult or even pass mid age, you might still have to go through of all those unwelcomed and unannounced spots that will show up on the worst possible occasion.We might not be completely able to prevent acne in terms of age, but there are many methods through which we can significantly reduce, control and even cure acne, to have a spotless complexion and for which, ‘cleansing’, is still one of the golden rules.

The Importance of Cleansing for Acne Skin

Here's Top 3 Best Face Wash for Acne Article Insert 1Acne, at the end of the day, is a buildup of sebum, waste and dead skin cells that gets blocked into the pore cavity. When that particular clogged pore gets infected the bacteria starts to grow reddening and inflaming the area, which is what we usually call pimples, a very common form of active acne. With a proper cleanse we drastically reduce the possibilities of the pores getting blocked on the first place, same with the spreading of bacteria. That is why finding the best face wash for acne, is a very important step upon which you should be building the rest of your skin care routine. If skin is not properly cleansed with the right product, the rest of your skincare might not be as effective as it is supposed to be.In order to choose the proper cleanser we need to make something very clear, once again, not all skin types are the same, just like not all acne is the same either. The reason why you might be getting acne, the current state of your skin and even your levels of hydration among many others, play a very important role in how your acne develops. That is why in order to choose the best face wash for acne, carefully examining your skin should come first.

What Does Acne Tell You About Your Skin?

What do you see when you look and interact with your skin, is it extremely oily, does it get irritated easily, is your acne very swollen? All these are basic and quick indicators that we can identify by having one quick glance to our skin, but there are underlying factors that you might need to look a bit further for, to choose the best face wash for acne in your specific case.In order to fully understand your needs you will also need to check factors such as, if your skin tends to pull after washing or throughout the day, how elastic is your skin, which areas in your face are affected by acne, how is your skin turnover cycle, along many other possible indicators. The goal is to understand the root of the problem to fix it accordingly. So let's look at some indicators that will allow you to choose the best face wash for acne for your specific case:- Very oily skin that tends to pull, hurt or has low levels of elasticity or resilience, indicates low key dehydration.- Factors such as easily irritated skin and swollen blemishes, indicate not only sensitive skin, but also the possibility of compromised PH levels and skin barrier.- Acne in the center of your face, including the T zone and surrounding areas, indicate acne that tends to come from stress or excessive sebum production and a slow cell turnover cycle.- Acne surrounding the external areas of the face can indicate bacterial or hormonal acne. Acne surrounding hairline and cheekbones will give you the clue that your acne is mostly bacterial, which can happen due to hair oils, excessive touching and even small habits like the usage of your phone or sleeping pillow, while acne that forms around the jawline indicates hormonal unbalance.- Small bumps surrounding highly sensitive areas, indicate blocked sebum or even keratin deposits, which come from altered and dehydrated skin conditions, or even the use of excessively rich products that your skin is unable to absorb properly.

Some Acne-Friendly Korean Face Washes

With these couple of examples you can probably start to identify your type of acne, so now let's dive into what will best face wash for acne for your specific case, ranking from the more hydrating version to the most neutral.

1. [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

Here's Top 3 Best Face Wash for Acne Article Insert 2

Why? Ideal for overly sensitive skin types, that lack hydration and are highly reactive to external factors. This foam will replenish moisture, by mildly but effectively cleansing the skin giving an extra hydration boost from the first step of your skin care. If you have acne, but very dehydrated skin this product will work wonders for you.

2. [BY WISHTREND] Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

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Why? With green tea and enzymes that help exfoliate the skin at the same time that it balances out skin ph levels, this product will be great for people with dull or mature skin types, since it will help control acne while also taking care skin brightening, rejuvenation and giving a slight exfoliation due to its active ingredients.

3. [COSRX] Low pH Good Morning Gel

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Why? A product that will help get rid of excessive sebum production by deep cleansing, best for oilier or younger skin types, that need to balance out their sebum production and ph while keeping their skin safe from excessive irritants.Even though each product and skin types have their own specifics and acne can also come from different causes, it is important to say that there are some universal factors for anyone that wishes to properly take care of this pesky skin condition. Excessively drying, striping and overly irritating products are always a no no and that is why all these products have similar characteristics in terms of skin protection. No matter where your acne comes from, try to stick to products with similar characteristics to the ones stated above, because stripping the skin from its natural oils or unbalancing its PH and barrier with harsh chemicals will be no use to treat any concerns. Make sure you keep that in mind when choosing your perfect face wash and have a beautiful day.Special Discount Promotion for the Best Face Wash for Acne Skin!*Shop the cleansers with 15% discounted price!

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