FAQ: [By Wishtrend] Clear Skin Shield Patch

by Gina Myung on Dec 20, 2018

Pimples are a pain to deal with, both literally and figuratively. Not only can they cause a decrease in self confidence, they can also be difficult to deal with in terms of finding the right skincare products, wearing makeup, and even going outside. The environment contains many airborne germs, while our hands also carry over unwanted extra bacteria to our breakouts and affected areas, which is why proper cleansing is important. But even more important than that, is proper protection of the area.We’ve continued to hear out your concerns related to acne care, which is why we at Wishtrend present to you the [BY WISHTREND] Clear Skin Shield Patch.

[BY WISHTREND] Clear Skin Shield Patch

A thin, breathable patch to protect your skin from the harsh outside world. (For more product details, check out this video)


These skincare gems go by many names - acne patches, pimple patches, etc. - but they are well loved around the skincare community. While many are in the market, By Wishtrend has introduced their version of the pimple patch after listening to the countless comments, questions and concerns that you guys, our Wishtrenders, have left us. Read on to learn more about the Clear Skin Shield Patches, how to use them, and if they’re for you.

Q1. How many patches are in a pack?

A. There are a total of 36 patches in each pack, with two sizes, 12 and 14 mm, so that you can choose which to use depending on the size and severity of each spot you are dealing with.

Q2. Can we use the patches for different areas of the body?

A. Yes! You can use it anywhere on your face and neck, but we recommend you stick to these areas as the skin on other parts of the body are thicker and should usually be dealt with more potent remedies.

Q3. How long do you keep it on for?

A. You can wear the patches for a few hours or even keep them on overnight or even up to 12 hours. Just remember to replace them when they have been worn for extended periods of time, or when they have turned opaque in nature. Or if the attachment of the patch has become loose on the edges, it can be an indication that it is about time to either remove it or switch it up to a new one.

Q4. Does it dissolve my pimple or do I have to apply it after I pop it?

A. While it doesn't dissolve or completely remove the pimple, it helps to absorb impurities from it and quicken the healing process/ reduce the size and severity of the inflammation. Depending on the readiness of the pimple for extraction, and your skills at proper extraction techniques, we would advise you to let the pimple remain intact, or be popped. Popping it is up to you.

Q5. What is patch made of?

A. The patches are made of a thin and breathable hydrocolloid material.

Q6. Can we apply makeup and/ or skincare products under the patch?

A.We recommend you clean and dry the skin before applying the patch so that the patch not only adheres better to the skin, but also does not trap in unwanted chemicals and substances within the patch.

Q7. Is the patch effective for all types of acne?

A.Yes! It should work for most spots to reduce redness and swelling, but if you are dealing with very large spots, and severe acne, while the patches will protect the skin, you should consult a dermatologist or look to other forms of care to treat the area.

Q8. Is it for day or night time?

A.Both! You can use the patches any time during the day you feel you need protection and/ or treatment.

Q9. Would it go on a scar or on a freshly popped pimple?

A. Because its function lies in mostly reducing inflammation of a pimple, it would mostly be effective for a freshly popped pimple.

Q10. Does the patch come in different colors?

A. No, because the main function of the patch is to protect and treat the pimple rather than hide the pimple, the patch only comes in one color. This is also to ensure that the patch remains breathable and thin on the skin.

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