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by Gina Myung on Nov 07, 2021

Want to learn more about up and coming brand elmt? Read on to discover everything from the brand’s philosophy to the functionality of their product formulations.  

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 Today’s skincare market is saturated with ever-changing trends, and products that toot similar formulations due to the demand for such trends. This is why elmt, pronounced, element, was born. Many times, skincare products are first developed with two things in mind: final texture, and key ingredients. However, elmt is first developed with one thing in mind: effectiveness. This is why our formulations are so unique.  With the launch of elmt, we’re hoping to change the way people look at skincare. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from the brand. 

Skincare Unframed 

Our name, elmt, comes from our mission to stay true to the elements (i.e. ingredients) that make up our formulas, and the basic element of skincare. And as our slogan, "skincare unframed", suggests, we strive to create products using an approach never before seen in existing skincare. Here’s a deeper look into the key philosophies that drive our brand. elmt qr code editorial insert image 2 

Unframed 001: Laboratory based in the heart of Seoul

When asked to picture a laboratory, we typically think of a place that’s unfamiliar, uninteresting, cold and far from the city. However, our lab is located in Seoul, taking a step toward bridging the gap between us and you, our customers.  

Unframed 002: Driven by a team of researchers 

Rather than chasing trends or best-selling formulas when developing our products, our team of researchers develop unique formulas after carefully considering what ingredients and formulation method they deem best.  

Unframed 003: Decoding the formulation process 

Breaking away from focusing a narrative on single ingredients, elmt proposes to consumers a new approach to skincare. Tackling it in bite-sized pieces, elmt effectively makes understanding a product’s formulation process less daunting.  

Unframed 004: Ingredients with a purpose

Every ingredient found in elmt formulations serves a purpose. Each ingredient comes together in perfect synergy with one another for a highly effective formula. 

Unframed 005: Transcending borders of research technology

When extracting our ingredients and formulating our products, elmt is not confined to the standard practices of skincare technology. elmt is unafraid to experiment with great technologies from other scientific fields. 

Unframed 006: Textures never before seen 

By creating formulas based on highlighting the synergy between its ingredients, elmt is also able to create products textures that not only are different than what is typically seen, but also maximizes a formula’s efficacy.  

Unframed 007: Designed to be customizable

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to skincare, which is why our formulas are designed to be customizable to your routine. Our products function to bolster your routine and fill in any gaps where needed - there’s no right or wrong way to use them. 

Presenting elmt’s first line, #frameless

For our launch, we wanted to showcase a series of skincare solutions that cater to a variety of needs. This is why for our first line of skincare, our theme is #frameless.  #frameless focuses on the synergy between key ingredients to create four unique solutions with maximum effectiveness. elmt qr code insert image 2 

Advanced Calming Solution

The Advanced Calming Solution is a one-stop solution to hydrate, heal and soothe. 

Skin Activating Solution

The Skin Activating Solution reduces inflammation and irritation for an overall healthier, stronger complexion. 

Skin Illuminating Solution

The Skin Illuminating Solution helps improve skin tone, reduce acne and strengthen the skin’s barrier. 

Gentle Exfoliating Solution

The Gentle Exfoliating Solution makes gentle but effective daily exfoliative care possible. 

Is there a #frameless solution on your eye?

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