Does Face Yoga Work? Does it Really Work to Fight Wrinkles?

by Gina Myung on Jul 17, 2018

*If you want to see details of the product or shop the featured item straight from the article while reading it, click onto the image of the product or the name of the product. You can also check out the products in the featured product section below :)Have you ever woken up from a good night’s worth of sleep, to feel refreshed but be met by a puffier, bloated version of yourself in the mirror? Or, what about this. Have you ever felt like your face is looking a little less defined and plump than it used to be? Well, think about it like this. If our face is comprised of a bunch of different muscles, just like we exercise the muscles of our body to stay strong and healthy, why don’t we exercise our face? We’re here to talk about the up and coming beauty trend that might be the answer for you, face yoga, and answer the question, “Does face yoga work?”

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What is face yoga?

For those of you unfamiliar with this trend, before you’re asking “Does face yoga work?,” you’re probably wondering, “What is it?”In essence, face yoga is exercising the muscles of the face to enlarge and strengthen them. It may consist of gentle massages, or stretching and working the muscles of the face through holding different facial expressions. Yoga, in the traditional sense, isn’t by any means a full-fledged workout comprised of dumbells and other hardcore elements of a workout, but it still does fully work the muscles - and can be tiring. Over time, this tones the body, and in the same sense, face yoga does the same. It’s a completely natural, and easy way you can make the face appear younger.

Does face yoga work? What are the benefits?

Overtimes, as our body’s muscles deteriorate, the skin and muscles of our face inevitably change as well. We start to see more fine lines and wrinkles as we lose elasticity and volume. By correctly working the different layers of our face, which largely include the skin and fat, there is increased blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach our skin cells. They start to stimulate collagen and elastin production in our skin’s dermis, resulting in a clear, healthy complexion, and a more defined face.Face yoga can be seen in the form of stretching, relaxing, and massaging the skin. You can think of these exercises as targeted massages that start working the lymphatic system, which clears the face of toxins and fluids that can lead to bloating and a more sunken, aged look.

How can I start?

If you’re wondering if you need to be a yoga professional to do face yoga - no! All you need is a clean face, a moisturizer, and your hands. Here are some quick steps to get ready for a face yoga session.

1. Start with a clean face

Face yoga is intended to detoxify the face and skin, and should be performed on a clean face, so as to be free from any possible irritants. Stick to a mild and gentle cleanser that will get rid of all your makeup, as it has potential to irritate the skin, and cause inflammation and bloating - the opposite of what we want.Does Face Yoga Work Does it Really Work to Fight Wrinkles Article Insert 2- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil: Made from natural essential oils like cranberry seed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter, this cleansing oil doubles as a cleanser and anti-inflammatory hydrator.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

The last thing you’re going to want to do is tug on dry skin without the help of a lubricant - in this case, use a lightweight, mildly formulated moisturizer. You want to use something that will nourish the skin as you’re going to be using it to massage the face, while staying fresh and lightweight so as not to block the pores or feel uncomfortable.Does Face Yoga Work Does it Really Work to Fight Wrinkles Article Insert 3- Our recommendation: [KLAIRS] Supple Preparation All Over Lotion: Created with highly moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid, this lotion can be used on all parts of the body to moisturize and nourish, while staying gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Fast absorbing as well, this lotion can be layered without discomfort.

What exercise should I do?

Read along to see which exercise you should follow, and try these at home!

1. For neck wrinkles

: While looking ahead, start from the bottom of the neck and strong backwards and upwards. Tilt the head back, and repeat. Tilt the head forward, and repeat. Finally, push the lower lip as outward as far as you can, and while looking up, hold the collarbones down with four fingers. Hold for four breaths and you’re done!

2. For sunken eyes and droopy eyebrows

: Place one pointer finger under each eye, pointing in towards the nose. Slightly open the mouth, and cover the teeth using your lips. Look up at the ceiling while fluttering your upper eyelids for 30 seconds.

3. For forehead lines

: Place both hands on the forehead facing inwards, and spread all four fingers down from the hairline to the eyebrows. Apply gentle pressure and sweep your fingers across the forehead, going outwards to the edges of the face. Repeat 10 times.

4. For smile lines

: Make an “O” shape with the mouth and hide the teeth by stretching your lips across them. Smile widely while keeping the teeth hidden, and repeat 6 times. Then, while holding the smile, place one index finger on your chin and move the jaw up and down while tilting your head back. Repeat once more.

5. For achieving a pronounced jawline

: Massage the outer conch of your ear, moving from the very top portion down to the bottom. Give firm pressure while doing so, and repeat on both ears for 30 seconds at a time. Then, ball up the hand and use the knuckles to firmly massage inwards towards the nose, starting from the portion of the jawline that meets the neck.We hope these exercises were helpful for you, and for the next time someone asks you “Does face yoga work?,” confidently say yes!

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